June 27 2011 Bring out the auto-Romeo maker.

This is a beautiful series for anyone in the creative field, and the third episode has been recently released. Watch in any order.

First World Problems are problems that some people can't even afford to have. Some great lyrics in here that Zach mostly "borrowed" from /r/firstworldproblems, but that's okay with me - see above. Give it a close listen.

Anthony Price will attempt to create a diary in the form of an animated series. Everyone knows only little girls have diaries. Hahahaha.

If you want a piece of Internet history stuck in your head, here you go with a free MP3 for on the go. Check out the custom Poptart cat scrollbar.

A trialer for a random animation doesn't tell you much, but watching the previous A Stupid Animation helps at least a little bit. Seems Jordan will be competing in TOFA with only three days left to register.

Not the first animated rap music video, but certainly ghetto enough to feature a tape deck.

Blitch posted a thread on ABS Forums titled, post ugly ppl you know irl. Kinda mean, and would have eventually died out after a few laughs and cringes were had, but things got out of hand. Simply put, the Internet and real life combined, especially for one poor guy and one poor girl in an unexpected turn of events making this the greatest ABS Forums drama of the season (so far?). WARNING. Contains exposed unclothed body parts, and it ain't pretty. You've been warned. Enter at your own risk. The drama is a dozen or so pages in.

June 23 2011 Catching up. More to go.

Jazmik (Orgazmic) from The Netherlands is back with a third episode of The A-Ro and Jazmik Show after two years.

Just a quicky from Ducky. Hope he signs up for the official TOFA 2011.

It's been a few years, but I have been staying in contact with Noah Wilson. His Chaos City has so many characters that it has expanded into what he calls "Anarchy Island". Still features the Smiley Crew characters and, of course, my favourite Chaos City character, Dr. Kockpocalipse from Lab of Ingeniocity.

June 15 2011 Yotam Perel on guitar Part 2 of 2: I'm your Schizophrenia

After watching Yotam's 18th and 19th birthday, you'll be prepared for the big 2 0.

Most Captain Dan "pirate rap" music videos on Albino Blacksheep have some animation element, but Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew's latest video is completely cartoon animated. Always a free MP3 from them too. Much love.

Two years ago Ross Bollinger submitted the first 6 episodes of his unique Pencilmations to ABS. Now, Ross has moved back his hometown, Charlottesville, Virginia, and is still creating new episodes. You'll be here for some time. Plus, there's another special un-numbered episode to come.

June 14 2011 Part 1 of 2

A mom in Montreal made the animation, WTF vs OMG. See, it's not just kids that make these animations for other kids.

Either Mr.Fizzy's cartoon makes no sense or he's smarter than us all.

I'll have to update again tomorrow. For some reason, a lot of new content has come in at once, and tomorrow one animated series has about 10 new episodes. I didn't want to overwhelm.

June 10 2011 Move it! Move it! Move it!

Not just some kids playing with Super Soakers. What would this video be without animation? Nothing! Free MP3 available as well.

Self-explanatory video about this Summer's Flash tournament on ABS. Little more detail on the TOFA Website, and even more detail on ABS Forums.

Octorok is back with a followup Zelda soundboard. He really went full out. There tons of secrets that include a mini Legend of Zelda game and two other classic soundboards all within this soundboard. Octorok has been hyping me up about it all week and delivered beyond my expectations.

June 4 2011 Way way waaaaaay out there

Alright, for today's update instead of looking to the usual artists, ABS Forums members, or specifically, Junkhead, Juar and Ish seem to have suggested some very mature videos.


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