December 31 2010 Rejected Happy New Year's

Pure randomness from future Internet senstation and YouTube comment expert, Yotam Perel with a small ode to Rejected Cartoons.

Slinkers returns with the 7th Ducky episode especially for New Year's.

Ed Skudder continues his Dick Figures series for our partners at Mondo Media. Start with episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3.

On the Twitter I have been gauging people's interest in an "Abs for ABS" eating and workout program. With a combination of proper education and practical determination, I have done amazingly well personally. When doing chinups for my gym fitness assessment the instructor asked, "this is just boring for you, huh?" I wanted to share my knowledge and expel the many myths that everyone, even smart people, mistake for actual "science". It is turning out to be a longer piece of writing than expected. It could even be a book if I elaborate too much. Unfortunately, it won't be ready in time for New Year's, but try to keep healthy in the New Year regardless and follow me on the Twitter. I may decide to tweet my activities.

December 25 2010 Sophisticus Create your own Holiday Contest 2010

I've been selected to judge the ABS Community Winter Holiday contest. Such a great honour, but so much responsibility. It's been narrowed down to two.

In the spirit of the made-up holidays, maybe I'll offer some consolation prizes for everyone else. Other holidays include Prank Day, Give Your Heart Away Day and [Sarah] Holiday.

Finally, today's classic Web game is one I am playing over and over. My score is 20,106.

December 23 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 23

Today's classic game is Pendulumeca, but also Double Wires since it's the same concept. I've also added Double Memes, a hack of Double Wires to the list since it's more entertaining.

You must be back on this site for Christmas Day AKA December 25th AKA Chinese food and movies. You cannot miss this year's Albino Blacksheep Holiday animation winners. You just can't! There's a song and a dance and a bouncing bosoms and everything.

December 22 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 22

I have to tie three Flash Games together to explain today's classic game. Today's classic game is Spacerunner, but not to be confused with the classic Albino Blacksheep game Run which also takes place in space with running. Spacerunner, on the other hand is not a 3D game, and more resembles the same engine as the game Pol.

Every year Jimmy produces and submits a holiday animation for his company Volmer, but starting this year, it will be for Edelman, the new owners of Volmer.

Not to be confused with the closest thing to a Demented Cartoon Movie sequel, The Greatest Present Ever

Not the best Year in Review by JibJab (in my opinion), but certainly the freakiest. Instead of animation, this year JibJab produces a puppet show with Barak Obama and Joe Biden.

For nostalgia, here's 2009 in Review, 2008 in Review, 2007 in Review, 2006 in Review and 2005 in Review.

December 21 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 21

"Splash", "melt", "back", "down". All the same difference. Consider either one of these today's classic Web game in the countdown. You may enjoy the sound in Splashback more.

It's time I started adding holiday animations both old and new over the next few updates before the countdown comes to an end.

I should have something new from Jimmy Egeland for the holidays soon. The deadline for the Holiday contest on the Forum is also coming to a close.

December 20 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 20

I didn't feel I could post RoadBlocks as today's classic game without also posting Orbox. If you get frustrated with RoadBlocks quickly, then you'll find the difficulty of the levels in Orbox to gradually increase more smoothly.

December 19 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 18 & 19

A new animation by pOpZ as well as his belated Hallween animation.

I didn't forget the classic games.

If you liked Dick Figures Episode 1 and Episode 2 posted earlier this month, you may like the third installment.

December 17 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 17

You can get the high score in the 10 Seconds Challenge simply with three perfect shots, but don't be fooled by the name. It will take you hours to master.

Post your best score in the comments and how long you've been playing.

December 16 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 16

Today's classic game is from an Albino Blacksheep member, but made before he became a member, so that still falls within my one classic game-per-day rules. There are many stick fighting games, but this one was arguably the best in its time and even today.

December 15 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 15

Today's classic Web game in the countdown is Poom! from Got-Used, whose site is down and I don't think it's ever coming back. That's classic Internet.

It helps to have sound on.

December 14 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 14

Funny man Yotam Perel AKA LazyBoy is here to set you video viewers straight.

Here is the last scene from the new Yogi Bear movie. Go ahead. It will save you two hours. Albino Blacksheep wouldn't mislead you, right? I'll probably have to backup a copy of this incase it is force-deleted from the Web very soon.

I didn't forget. Today's classic game in the game-per-day countdown is Levers. You must have played it before.

I have a Twitter and I make with the funnies.

December 13 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 13

Today's classic game is one of the greatest online puzzles. If you get past level 15, you have more patience than I do. I'll give you a hint for those advanced levels. If there is an alternative path to make a connection, it's probably that path.

December 12 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 12

If you have not yet seen the following four files, do not watch this first file until after watching those. This is a "YouTube Poop" mashup of those four classic Flash files. A YouTube Poop is a very odd remix and editing technique that cannot be explained in words.

Today's classic game in the countdown is from 2004. Simply balance with your mouse pointer.

Another notable balancing game is from ABS member, Amaaxla, but this time use the keyboard.

There's also Unicycle Challenge.

December 11 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 11

BugHunt was actually posted in 2002, but it has since been updated. The following games are from the same author in 2001 and 2000 respectfully and are also considered classic games. Don't worry. I won't count these toward the 24 games.

Still, I personally think the 2006 Albino Blacksheep bug shooting game from Roboman, More Mindless Violence has not been outdone past or present.

December 10 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 10

I'm not in some weird time zone, I just post these very late. Today's classic game is one you should be able to play until the very end.

December 9 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 9

Many Albino Blacksheep members have made animations using only typography. Staring Contest comes to mind. Samsung Means To Come is another. Be sure to watch those two first because Shop Vac is the new standard that all other tyographical animations will be compared to.

Quite a font collection was required for a video like the one above. In the typography community (yes, there is such a thing) it is known that particular fonts convey particular messages, but once a font is used for a brand (like Facebook) that font then becomes a representation of that industry, and the video plays very well on that.

Today's classic game is Reaction Effect which you won't like. I'm saving up some of the good games for later.

December 8 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 8

Click. Drag. Type. That's all you get to know as far as instructions go.

December 6 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 6

Lepy made some randomness and wants one regular ABS visitor to see it.

Today's classic Web game is very non-ABS like. It has this thing where you do something called shooting. There are even weapons and stuff.

Actually, it's rare, but still an occurance to post a shooting game. There's, of course, More Mindless Violence from Roboman.

December 5 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 5

Although Boomshine is now a classic Web game, today's classic game can't be Boomshine according to the rules I set out. Instead, it's a game that's not as good, but has the same concept. Complete the chain reaction with Choas Theory.

December 4 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 4

TOFA (Tournament of Flash Artists) 2010 winner Zeurel tries his hand at the illustated comic style in this 1-minute animation.

Today's classic game will be... YPW Multitask. Approriate to the title, you'll need to use your keyboard and your mouse for this one.

December 3 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 3

I know, I know. It's educational (and completely US-centric), but I promised classic games only.

Keep playing until you've perfected the game, and I do mean perfected. Then come back tomorrow for another challenge.

December 2 2010 24 Games until Christmas: Day 2

Today's game is actually very simple, where on the rare occasion I think the lack of graphics take away from the experience. Full Board is today's game, but I think you'd more enjoy Danny Miller's Psychopath.

KrEid must be on a creative streak with this being his third submission this week.

Mondo Media's Aaron Simpson wanted to let me know about a new animated Web series that's off to a good start.

December 1 2010 24 Games until Christmas

First, appologies in advance to any University students. With final exams coming up this is probably the worst time to begin a feature called "24 Games until Christmas". Each day until the 25th this site will update with one classic Web game. Games that have not been posted on this page before. Not the regular ABS-member games.

Dicewars [2006] is very similar to Risk. I suggest selecting 2-players rather than the default 7 and just playing through a few times until you understand it, and then later find a strategy.

Come back tomorrow for another classic game.


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