November 26 2009 The Website is Down series

I don't think I would post a whole video series all alone unless I think it deserved such attention.

Nickap wishes everyone at ABS a Happy Thanksgiving with a Turkeys, turkeys, turkeys and Invaderjolleyolleyman does too with Turkey Caramelidansen.

November 23 2009 Who likes Turkeys?

Almost forgot that it was Thanksgiving in the US. Edit: It's not Thanksgiving for another three days.

November 21 2009 Email submissions

I've recently changed the submission process from Forum to Email, and it seems to have made quite a difference. Zeurel, a friend of Professor Fate has submitted the first episode of what will become a much longer series (and this episode is already 11-minutes). Watch it with some patience. It has quite the cast of characters.

I always like being introduced to new music, and when it's in the form of an animated music video, it's quite accessible to me. It helps extend the attention span.

This is to make up for missing Tube Tuesday. I may regret posting this first one though, considering I'm in the same city. People are already concerned for my safety.

Emma November 14 2009 Draining the Lizard

Albino Blacksheep premieres another TooMuchSpareTime animation, and featuring music by Nuclear Bubble Wrap. This one is pretty epic.

This was originally planned for a Friday the 13th release, but time was needed for the finishing polish. Probably the best Harry Potter themed animation to date. (Sorry Potter Puppet Pals.)

The last time you may have heard music from Nuclear Bubble Wrap was ScientLOLojyuuichi!!!, originally released anonymously.

HBP November 13 2009 H.B.P.

As promised, the latest video from Jimmy Egeland for the American Heart Association.

Stay tuned for a very special animation from another ABS veteran.

November 12 2009 What's on the Tube, noob?

Even if you've never seen the movie The Main with Two Brains (1983), I'm sure more than 465 people in the past year would enjoy this, plus a free MP3 that's pretty catchy. Thanks to darushibu for leaving a comment suggesting this.

Make The Girl Dance's music video for Baby Baby Baby is not as creative in my opinion as Censor Bar Art (although, it is more daring for being recorded outdoors in public), but a similar concept seems to work very well to sell music and music-releated games.

Don't you dare let yet another overweight Internet man get one second more than his 15-minutes of fame.

Come back tomorrowish for a new animation by TOFA 2009 award winner Jimmy Egeland.

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Eddsworld November 6 2009 Eddsworld!

Kept completely secret, and almost two years in the works, Eddsworld has joined to become a featured animator of Albino Blacksheep.

It's quite extraordinary too see how many friends of Canadian Albino Blacksheep are also friends of UK's Eddsworld, so this diverse combination still feels very natural. Eddsworld mainly creates animated skits both short and epic-lengthed based on Edd and his friends.

Well, I shouldn't say it was completely secret since R. Wappin must have known in some way since he was the one to invite Eddsworld to sign up on Albino Blacksheep in Winter 2008. This won't go unrewarded.

Related to last month's contest, and I think all contestants should watch this, Eddsworld seems to have the best example of "personal Hell".

November 2 2009 Post-Halloween

Here's this year's annual required post-Halloween Halloween submission. Again, music from RedMongoose and just in time for #MusicMonday.

I haven't been to the #albinoblacksheep chat for more than a second in years. I'd have pretty much given up all online chatting (time-wasting), except the occasional quick gTalk or MSN once every other month.

I've updated the Web interface to the chat over at ABS Chat using Mibbit and came across these gems on #albinoblacksheep in the wee hours of the morning.

Also, what the hell? Are people still using this site to hook up? Lessons never learned.

Mantipz: people who crossed state lines to have sex with girls who turned out to be kinda fat
html   : ah god rofl
Mantipz: actually all of them from this very channel
html   : i would like to hear about that
Mantipz: I think rmuser will probably do it next
html   : bet he ended up f*cking her anyway
rmuser : doubtful
Mantipz: maybe someone will come visit you for a change
html   : lol was she that fat?
Mantipz: since you're like the girl in the relationship
Mantipz: html
Mantipz: ok
*** Lexi_057 quit ()
Mantipz: several years ago there was a girl in this channel
Mantipz: who was a fat whore
Mantipz: and she had sex with multiple
Mantipz: abs users
Mantipz: then she got hit by a car
html   : lol
Mantipz: uhh jugglingwolves did too
Mantipz: 2 or 3
KingBakon: she got hit by 2 or 3 cars?
html   : which one of you was driving?
Mantipz: and then one guy from #4chan who we warned not to go see her but he claims didn't f*ck her
*** Lexi_696 joined #albinoblacksheep
Mantipz: muse had sex with geekman and dethfromabove and loser?
Lexi_466: lexi
KingBakon: I never understood the fascination with any of those abs bitches
Lexi_466: phone
KingBakon: But then I'm asexual
Mantipz it's pretty funny really
html   : lol asexual
html   : how does that even work?
Mantipz: KingBakon can only get it up for loli hentai
html   : you pollenate like a daisy ?
KingBakon: hey I don't limit myself to lolicon
KingBakon: That is to say, I 'also' like lolicon


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