November 24 2007 Working backwards

Onslaught is the followup to Dove's Evolution of Beauty.

Feel free to download more Songs to Wear Pants To.

The Chaos City Team is trying out a new series on us, so let them know what you think.

From the artists of the popular Mucky Song comes a newer, more serious Flash animation.

November 22 2007 U.S. Thanksgiving

I almost forgot it was Thanksgiving in your country.

November 19 2007 Theme

Mark P0rter didn't complete his Halloween file by the 31st, but better late than never.

I am usually not a fan of parodies, but when using the art of parody to add new jokes, rather than just repeat the old ones, and making the effort to match the quality of the original, a parody can stand on its own: Jews - Shoes Parody.

November 15 2007 The Brim of Existence

Just posting some highlights from Round 1 of the ABS Tournament of Flash Artists.

November 5 2007 Music videos will rot your brain.

R. Wappin swerves from wowing us with Weird Al's songs such as Everything You Know Is Wrong, and now tries Lemon Demon.

Tirrel tries something a little more raw than The Ekkosangen.

November 1 2007 You're too old to watch cartoons.

LazyBoy opens up about why he submits his Flash animations. (Find all the easter eggs.)

Professor Fate hasn't submitted since his most epic, Engineered.

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