Megabytes & Gigabytes Freestyle

Megabytes & Gigabytes Freestyle Lyrics

Yo, it's, it's MC Pants here.
Seriously, guys. I'm gonna freestyle for you.
It's going - It's gonna be really good.
Yo. I really like megabytes and sometimes I also really like gigabytes.
Actually, I like gigabytes more than megabytes.
Because there's, there's one thousand megabytes in a gigabyte.
And there's a million bytes in a megabyte.
So there's a lot more bytes in a gigabyte than in a megabyte.
So I like them more.
I like a lot of bytes.
Yo. And I'm a really good rapper.
You can't get access 'cause you don't have the password.
And I'm gonna rap really super
because I got the memory of a computer.
Yo. Seriously, guys. I'm freestyle. One. Two.
Now on the microphone MC Pants.
Check it out.
Word to my homies