August 31 2008 Get back to work

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    player_03 and Xela
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The above game is the winning entry of Flash Developers Contest #17 on the forums, and one year in the making. Digg this game, please!

August 26 2008 Strummonkeeyssss

Even if you don't know what an Aristrocrat joke is, you can still enjoy.

Round 3 of TOFA is here, and each artist (that hasn't yet been eliminated) had to animate a series of events that lead to its own beginning. In the final round, the animators must animate a rat from Paris that helps out a human become an amazing chef something original.

I can't believe I forgot to post Mr. Otto in Olympics.

August 22 2008 Blast from the past

For the fist time in the history of the Internet, you actually get something in return for killing time by watching a Flash movie.

I don't post games up for the fame or fortune or anything like that (although being Time's Person of the Year in 2006 was nice). You see, I'm an enabler of people's game addictions, and this blast from the past will do the trick if I tell you to at least get past level 8.

I'd like to thank the Red Bar Radio podcast for making the "Cool Website of the Week". Perhaps you are already slightly familiar with RBR if you have seen the animation below.

Not to be confused with The Blue Button Game, which you'll enjoy more.

August 17 2008 Hang in there

Starkraven Madd is back with a new Dr. Steel music video.

Be sure to watch her older animated music videos for the doc.

Before posting the latest ABS Flash games or the results of TOFA Round 3, here are some long overdue submissions.

August 12 2008 A Sack Full of Kittens

Presenting Andrew Kepple's Freelance Animation School Diploma Animation featuring music by Lemon Demon.

August 9 2008 As promised.

Knock my high score off the charts. The marshmellow reminds me of the character from Underclocker's Escalade.

August 8 2008 08-08-08

For the first olympic event, catapult Old Man Pie's Mr. Mucky to all his destinations for a high score, and come back tomorrow for a new event.

August 4 2008 Animate the Mood

In TOFA Round 2, Andrew Kepple used the required music as an opportunity to introduce a new flash series to ABS... for teens!

Even though "mobile phone" was not the theme of the round, the monophonic samples in the music led the contest's animators in that direction.

Check out all the Round 2 entries. Round 3 is underway at ABS Forums.

August 1 2008 The Amaaxla Update

After extensive bug testing by the ABS community, Amaaxla's newest project is ready for the public. I personally prefer the first Gravity game, but the new one is more of a challenge. Your progress will be saved.

iPhone killa?

Don't forget to check out other games by Amaaxla.


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