Sgt Sheepie as a zombie TOFA 2012: Zombie Apocalypse

This year's TOFA (Tournament of Flash Artists) is a continuation of last year's. Last year concluded with the death of Sgt. Sheepie, but he became "re-animated" in a government lab to continue hosting TOFA in 2012. The lab attempt went wrong and Sheepie came back to life as the living undead, a zombie. He transformed Commander Lebon into a Zombie and even turned buried fallen soldiers from the previous TOFA back to unlife.

TOFA 2012 contestants were judged by Andrew Kepple, Avid Ray Lebon, and Ryan Krzak.

TOFA 2012: Announcements

TOFA 2012: Round 1 - How the World Ends

TOFA 2012: Round 2 - How to...

TOFA 2011: Round 3 - Me, Myself and I

TOFA 2011: Round 4 - Character Origins