March 28 2012 Feels bad, man

A brand new short by Yotam Perel.

Still not as creepy as having a desktop stripper.

March 28 2012 RIP Edd Gould 1988-2012

Edd Gould (Eddsworld) passed away after multiple hospital visits to treat his leukemia which he was diagnosed with six years ago. He was 23 years old.

He was known here as an Albino Blacksheep animator and TOFA 2010 animation judge. He is also popular on YouTube and social media where he publishes comic strips. His bio and animation archive is featured on the main page sidebar of Albino Blacksheep since 2009.

I am adding a comments section at the bottom of his page for visitors to pay tribute.

March 25 2012 Webcam games

New episodes of Spider Powers or catch it from the beginning of the series so things make at least a little sense.

This original game is controlled by your motion through your webcam. You can't play without one.

10 years ago:

March 17 2012 Happy St. Patrick's Day

Lazy writing? More like lazy updating the site.

Slinker's parodies a non Happy Potter movie. The classic scene from Iron Man.

I'm still too sick for any of that green beer that comes only once a year. It will just make next St. Patty's more special for me.


March 10 2012 Sweaty bed

A long update to make up for a long sick leave.

Gotta stay on top of these, expecially now that people go up to me in person and ask if I have seen them. No, I don't know what you're talking about. Their marketing department doesn't send me spam email.

GreaseMuffin parodies an '80s commercial. I don't even remember it from my childhood. Must have been a US-only thing.

Just like Slinkers' Ducky cartoons, this new Harry Potter animation has secret buttons at the very end.

So it seems we are off by an additional 11 minutes each time.

Surn is a regular contributer to Albino Blacksheep with pixel animations. He's trying something new, so let him know how he's doing.

This is going to be Jordan's best.

This is a joke game by ABS' famous MarkP0rter. Also, the real play button is at the far bottom right. The red play button is an ad. I hate those.


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