April 23 2012 First time here?

Run, run, run, and don't look back. Like all animations here conceieved by the mind of Cybersp0nge, viewer discretion is advised.

Now, two new submissions from animators who can use their real names.

April 16 2012 Public Access

Could this be the start of a new direction for Yotam and Fantasia?

Bernie says he has been working hard on this for years. Feedback is welcome.

10 Years ago today, animutations by Toxic AKA Bob Barker a Dwedit. Worth checking out all their submissions since then.

April 11 2012 11 Days

The authors decided that the sequel to Trey Archer 1 is now Trey Spade 2. I'm trying to create an animation database here. Indecision does not compute.

I decided to see what Ross J. Graham was up to since Tom's Wife and Matthew and Len. Not much animation he says, except this one.

A Jimmy Neutron fan fiction by Mr.Fizzy. Definitely not your typical submission from Mr.Fizzy. I like where this is going.

Google had to wait until After April Fools to release their Google Glass concept video. I guess we will all be non-perscription glasses-wearing hipsters in the future.

ABS TOFA 2012, guys, ABS TOFA 2012. Send me an email if you want an early notification to join Albino Blacksheep's community animation tournament. Here is last year's TOFA 2011.

April 1 2012 I hate being lied to

I hope everyone enjoyed Albino Blacksheep's April Fools for 2012. There were no angy emails this year, so I left the prank up most of the day - a first. If you missed it, you missed it. There's always next year.

It will take a day to sort out the net's real news from the many online pranks. There was Kony captured, Kodak printing kittens, and WestJet offering child-free flights. Google really came through with their pranks, but their Maps and GMail department really stood out.


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