Yotam's 20th Birthday

Yotam's 20th Birthday Lyrics

I'm 20 today
A weird feeling, I'd say
Like I'm supposed to straighten my back

What do people do
When they get here too
Do we know or do we just make it up

Get a job, get a home
Find a girl, play some golf
Drink whiskey straight
Without doing a face
Fix the shelves
Change some bulbs
Be a fan of a sport
Punch a clock
You're close to the mark
But I might not be fit for that

With every year
Slowly grows my fear
That I'm not as good as I should be

If I were 16
Then this would have been
A hell a lot more impressive

Get a dumb hobby
Bottle your beer
Punch your wife in the face
Have a son whose not a queer
Make a good eulogy
Partake in fantasy
Football, of course
I ain't gay
But I might, still, not be fit for that

It'll probably be
Just like last year
With a different number

Higher expectations
With every year
Oh dear