Computer Desk 12

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Lord Blazer's Computer Desk

[Computer Desk 12]

Lord Blazer's desk is typical of most of the submissions - in desperate need of some cleanup and organiation. This is usually the result of bad habits, and there are only two ways to save certain people from keeping this type of computer desk.

The harder technique is to change your habits.

Keep the desk a food-free area. Make sure to not eat while at the computer desk.

Make certain there are no loose papers. Buy binders and file cabinets.

There should be no loose computer discs either, and these should be placed on a shelf or rack. It helps to place all discs in plastic jewel cases rather than use paper inserts. The paper inserts only give the illusion of organizing your discs, but the result is the same as scattering regular paper over your desk.

Also, place a cup on your desk to hold all pens and pencils, and a little bin to hold paper clips, erasers and other office tools. Ideally, the bin should be in a drawer.

Failing to be able to control any of these habits, you will be left with the technique of a massive monthly cleanup. Just cear everything off the desk and place like-minded objects into respective piles. Place papers into the paper pile, discs into the disc pile and so on. Place as much as you can into a garbage pile. Then, make sure to put all these objects away into drawers and shelves, and place objects on the desktop only when neccessary - like a keyboard. Without controlling your habits, you will have to repeat this whole cleanup on a monthly basis.