Computer Desk Index

On this site, a lot of site members work hard sitting for hours at their computer desk creating pieces of digital art in various formats. We get to see the work that they put into their computers out to our own.

As members create, type and code while looking at their screens, visitors stare into their screens as well. The interaction in the digital world becomes an enclosed space of screen to screen.

While visitors get to view the final product of work put into the computer by an online artist or writer, they never see where it is created.

This computer desk archive is put together by various ABS members to let us see each others' work area, but mainly because I asked them to submit pictures of their computer desk.

We can see if people are messy or neat. We can see if people surround themselves by inspiration in their workspace, or just focus on the task at hand inside the computer. Mainly, we can see a lot of unexpected, but yet typical, ways in which people keep their work atmosphere that can remind, compare or contrast to our own.

I do my best to comment on most of these computer desk areas below each photograph.

There is nothing on the Internet like a little personality, human touch and invading someone's private intimate space.

September 19, 2005