FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last Updated: August 21, 2007

You can now ask a question directly on this page.

  1. Anonymous Coward is dying to know:

    what do the little red asterisks at the end of some titles mean?

    AB answers: Red asterisks appear beside the titles of prank or shock files outside of the Prank Flash section. Certain visitors in the past required a small warning.

  2. T. Morgan is a little too curious to find out:

    What is the song music to Shift Happens by Karl Fisch?

    AB answers: The first song is The Kiss by Randy Edelman. The file also features Elk Hunt by Randy Edelman.

  3. Dan Rich wants the answer to:

    Who composed the music to Shift Happens?

    AB answers: Randy Edelman composed the music. It was featured in The Last Of The Mohicans: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

  4. Cindy demands an answer to:

    I can't embed the video on my Yahoo 360 and it worked on my Xanga. Is there a reason you can't embed these on Yahoo 360? Thanks so much.

    AB answers: The reason may be that Yahoo 360 may not support iframe embedding method. You will have to use the Link code instead.

  5. Lee Gardner wants the answer to:

    How can I slow down the Shift Happens piece?

    AB answers: You can pause it at any time.

  6. foamy is sitting around wondering:

    how do i download web browsers of AB?

    AB answers:I think you mean Web browsers off of ABS. I highly suggest Firefox, but there are others on the Browser section.

  7. breeze demands an answer to:

    what is the song in--life as seen by crincal??

    AB answers: Porcelain by Moby

  8. hayate gekko is sitting around wondering:

    how do i sign up to abs???

    AB answers: Go here to sign up.

  9. spaticus is sitting around wondering:

    how do i finish the crimson room


  10. youtubeboy is dying to know:

    how do i post youtube vids on abs???

    Just message them to me. Submit.

  11. nlvx did not sleep for three days worrying:

    Is there a way to view flash on the iPhone?

    Not yet there isn't.

  12. Driver demands an answer to:

    ?where can i get an HTml for banana-Terricota Pie?

    Click the "More" link at the bottom left of the file.

  13. Smee is a little too curious to find out:

    Why can't I create a new topic in the forums?!!!

    You need 20 posts before making a new topic.

  14. Anonymous Coward is a little too curious to find out:

    couls some one please tell the name of what is playing in Amaaxla's "Gravity Game"?

    I'll ask.

  15. rusty77 is sitting around wondering:

    why did my last question repeat its self 4 times? the first word in the question was "could", i cant type today

    I don't know why yet. What browser are you using?

  16. Caitlyn is a little too curious to find out:

    How do I make videos

    Go here for the software and here for tutorials.

  17. Levi is dying to know:

    Can (if so how) can/do I import downloaded Albino Blacksheep sound files in iTunes?

    Add them to a folder and add that folder to be searchable to your iTunes library. Or just download these songs where your current songs are.

  18. Alleh wants the answer to:

    What is the song from 3-cup?

    It has a song? I'll have to get back to you on that.

  19. sarah is sitting around wondering:

    WHERE can I get the ENGLISH lyrics of "there she is!!!" by Witches??

    I'll have to get back to you on that.

  20. alleh wants the answer to:

    what is the song from coconut meow?

    I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts

  21. Brendon is a little too curious to find out:

    What is the flash that has "breaktime BREAKTIME BREAKTIME" and "joe's here!" in it?

    OOoh. Arfenhouse. It's near the very bottom of Animutation.

  22. dominic dale is a little too curious to find out:

    why does Halo: The Future of Gaming not work

    It works. You need a high speed Internet connection and Flash Player.

  23. mariah demands an answer to:

    is there a way to mute a game if i have other music on my computer playing?

    Only if the game has a volume control. Otherwise, no.

  24. tim did not sleep for three days worrying:

    ?what does it mean when the ? pops up and the video wont play

    It means you need to set your Flash Player to handle Shockwave Flash / SWF files, and disable another program from trying to play it. Plugin help. If this is an error you get on a non-Flash file, the video might* be offline. Let me know which video.

  25. Vin did not sleep for three days worrying:

    who made the ekkosagen song

    The song is by a group called The Cartoons.

  26. Alleh did not sleep for three days worrying:

    what is the song from make ya feel i searched the name on itunes but it wont work?

    Hi Tek 3 - Spin That Wheel

  27. mp3 is sitting around wondering:

    how do you acyually download stuff on ab???

    Right click and save on "Download Song" to download the mp3s. Everything else, download from your Temporary Internet Files folder.

  28. supersteven is dying to know:

    Can I pretty please have a large (240x240ish) pic of the ABS main logo?

    Here it is in PNG format with a transparent background on modern browsers (not IE6).

    256px x 256px [PNG]

  29. Anonymous Coward is a little too curious to find out:

    dude, I can't remember the name of the movie, and I need to find it. It's the one with the little guy who keeps going DOING ADOING DOING, whats it called??

    Deng Deng Deng? Insanity test.

  30. Hebi Aikouka wants the answer to:

    Is it possible to import an already made flash video into your preloader, just to make it easier (if so how)?

    Yes. Just make some blank frames at the start of your Flash project and paste the frames from the preloader in. All the actionscript will copy over.

  31. Captain wants the answer to:

    What is the song in the flash Blockhead?

    Insomnia Olympics

  32. Jettofjebania demands an answer to:

    how do i get the games onto my wii remote?

    You can play the Wii games by visiting this site on your Wii Browser.

  33. Alleh wants the answer to:

    What is the song from 3-cup?D:

  34. The Exploding Boy is dying to know:

    how come "trapped in the drive-thru dosent work anymore? is it still a myspacetv video?

    I'll fix it.

  35. Nikki is dying to know:

    How do i download music and videos from your site?

  36. spartan demands an answer to:

    is there anothe kind of crimson room and/or virinian room in that series?

    Yes. Search the author.

  37. gameman250 wants the answer to:

    I can't make any posts on the forums. Is it broken or something?

    New members cannot start new topics. You must reply.

  38. gameman250 is dying to know:

    Follow up: PMs don't work for me. Is it because I'm a damn newbie, or is everything just broken?

  39. Someone is dying to know:

    what is the artist of the song from Save the Sheep?

  40. The Exploding boy did not sleep for three days worrying:

    how come you take so long to answer my qustions? its been almost six months you jerk.

    Email me.

  41. alleh is sitting around wondering:

    LOL ty.

  42. alleh demands an answer to:

    Ya know the more u wait the more questions there will be.so why?

    I am answering directly in email.

  43. mason demands an answer to:

    How can I download the flash game?

    Only some Flash Games will play offline. View source in Chrome and right click on the link that ends in .swf.

  44. Evan wants the answer to:

    is there a way to download flash from AB onto my computer so i can put them on an mp3 player, phone etc.?

    Yes. If your player supports Flash, you can download the SWF files. If not, only the MP4 files you will find in the source code.

  45. Natalie is sitting around wondering:

    Do you have a girlfriend?

    Not sure when you wrote this, but I currently do.

  46. Ken is a little too curious to find out:

    How can I download flash games to the Wii system?

    Use the Wii's Web browser and visit this site.

  47. Ken is dying to know:

    Can I transfer a flash to a dvd to play in my wii?

    Use the Wii's Web browser and visit this site.

  48. Lepy demands an answer to:

    Why can't I make a Tutorial?

    Email it to me.

  49. Lepy is a little too curious to find out:

    Why can't I make a Tutorial?

    Email it to me.

  50. Johanna did not sleep for three days worrying:

    is there a way to download flash from AB onto my computer so i can put them on an mp3 player, phone etc.?

    Yes. If your player supports Flash, you can download the SWF files. If not, only the MP4 files you will find in the source code.

  51. nananana wants the answer to:

    where are lyrics for the song with the rabbit is in love with the cat?!?

    There She Is!!

  52. leftygirl is a little too curious to find out:

    Is there is an english version, or at least lyrics to Ddautta????

    There's not a day that passes by, I'm gonna hold her tight Ain't nobody else but one I love is back high high you make me so high, after so many nights in tears there there there she is, after so many seasons in pain to kiss me..to hold me..you came along a long journey high high you make me so high, after so many nights in tears I don't know how it gets so crazy but my love is yours

  53. LLLL demands an answer to:

    Are you dead?

    I had been answering questions directly in email instead.

  54. lordloyd2 is a little too curious to find out:

    I downloaded a song but how do I sync it to my Mp3?

    Import it into your computer's music library. Add it to iTunes or whatever you use.

  55. boaz frenkel wants the answer to:

    how do i get the password for the safe in the hotel room?

  56. The other questions are just as useless is a little too curious to find out:

    Is it possible to perform a Wolff-Kischner reduction on a beta-lactam under an argon atmosphere if there is a standard ketone elsewhere on the molecule?

  57. Kelly is dying to know:

    Who is the artist of the song from save the sheep?

  58. Alucard is dying to know:

    How do I download vidoes from albinoblacksheep to a flash drive or to my computer?

    I would suggest to view source in Safari and in the header of the source there is a link to the .swf or .mp4 file of the video. You can right-click to save that file.

  59. inkblot is sitting around wondering:

    what is the name of that movie about the rabbit in love with the cat?

    There She Is!!

  60. Anonymous Coward is a little too curious to find out:

    How to verify my msn

  61. NoNameGimp demands an answer to:

    Can I upload an Animation that I created to this site? And if so, how?

    By email. Submit Content

  62. Kristy wants the answer to:

    Where could I find life as seen by crincal?? I think the last word may be mispelt but its driving me crazy i cant find it anywhere!

    Life as seen by Cynical

  63. Whereupon did not sleep for three days worrying:

    What is the name of the flash animation where one of the characters greets his friend with the words "Shiggity shiggity schwa"?

    Mario Twins

  64. whatsthebaratthebottomofthekeyboardfor? is a little too curious to find out:

    why cant i download the mp3 for bad idea, i right click and hit save target as but nothing happens

    It should pop up a small window asking you where to save the file. You can also left click it on some browsers like chrome and it will save into your default save folder.

  65. milka is a little too curious to find out:

    why i can;t read my inbox e-mail?

Ask something

Answers to Questions about some Files.

What's the song music in DubDub?

It's "Maria (I like it loud)" by Scooter feat. Marc Arcadipane and Dick Rules. This seems to be a remix of another song. More information about scooter can be found at scootertechno.com

Is there a suicide in Elvis Lives in Flash?


What's the song or music in DooDooCaca?

The author, Bob Orilee, explains on ABS Forums, "the vocals are sampled from Bruce Almighty and hitler." If you have seen the Bruce Almighty movie, you may remember the scene where Bruce, played by Jim Carry, makes the newsanchor uncontrollably mumble obscure words like DooDooCaca.

What's the song or music in Ddautta?

It is by a Korean band called Witches. The song literally translates to "UP!! THE GIRL!!", but the song in English is most commonly called "There She Is". Thanks to sarickjones for translation help.

Who doesn't die in The Demented Cartoon Movie?

One of the characters.

Is the Stairway to Heaven: Reverse Lyrics, Queen: Hidden Message or Britney Spears - Subliminal Message faked?

No. If you play those songs backwards, even a live version backwards, you will hear those words the way you do in the file. There is a whole theory based on certain words being played backwards to sound like other words. Some musical groups may do this of purpose, but it is also possible that backwards messages can occur on accident, as shown by Keaton's Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Hidden Message.

Agent Glitch asks, "Is Kikoman Bad To U.S eyes?" He explains, "Ok now I watch both Kikoman flashes, The english and japanese versions. Now in the japanese version there is a part were the 'cat' person ask himself what kind of sauce he will put on his food, Kikoman screams at him to put soy sauce on every thing. Imidiatly after that, the person hanged himself. In the English version though he just went to his corner and thought about his carelessnes. Another part Kikoman is 'fighting' this woman charector. In the English version there in bed covered all the way to there shoulders, when in the japan version Kikoman covers the womans breast with his arms. I just wonder, why they changed the scenes with the translations?"

Dwedit replied with this answer: There's 2 versions of kikkoman in english: The censored one and the uncensored one. The uncensored one is also missing the 'smoking is bad for you' line. I think the censored version is a later edited version.

What's the song or music in Falldown?

The first version of this game had the lyrics, "Kill, kill kill." I suggested a different song for the flash, more appropriate to a falling ball. I suggested Vertigogo by Combustible Edison. I first discovered the song from the movie Four Rooms.

How do you pass Crimson Room or Viridian Room ?

Please see this topic for over 80 pages of hints and walkthroughs.

What is the music in LIFE As Seen By Cynical?

The song name is Porcelain and the music artist that performed it is Moby.

Who made The End of the World?

Both the sound and animation was made by Fluid, and not Group X. Although it is often mistaken to be by Group X since Fluid copied the Group X accent.

What is the password for Boom Boom Vollyball?


What is the song played in La Luna?

The song is "Stasera la luna" (Tonight, the moon) and is performed by Paps'n'Skar.

What is the password for Walkies from Walking in Circles?

If I tell you that password then the lovely game makers will change it.

How do you make the dancing avatar in Elvis Lives in Flash?

It's made with a Korean dance sequence program called iDance (http://www.idance.co.kr/). You can edit both the avatars and dance moves or download already made ones.

What is the music from When Penguins Attack: The Post-Modern Version?

DAKH answered, "The song's name is Tokyo Mon Amour, and it is made by Stereo Total. Glad to be of assistance."

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Please read the Submit section.

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A: Yes. Syndicate this Site for free.

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Some people are looking to use the ABS Preloader for their submissions, and I highly recommend it:

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I created a Press section for this question.

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