AVG Anti-Virus Free by AVG Technologies, formerly Grisoft

AVG Anti-Virus Free icon I keep seeing programs that I like being bought out by AVG, and eventually included in AVG Anti-Virus. I originally swore by a program called ewido anti-spyware that became AVG Anti-Spyware, but now that does not exist. However, AVG Anti-Virus, should still provide the same level of protection. AVG Anti-Virus is one of the top anti-virus programs one can get for free. There is a pro-version that costs a little bit, but the Web is safer now that everyone can afford actual free protection, rather than 30-day trials of protection.

Gone is the age of yearly anti-virus subscriptions. Also, gone is the bloat on system resources. AVG originally became popular because it didn't take up as much memory as the competition.

The following review thanks to Jardin.

AVG Anti-Virus provides comprehensive anti-virus protection for personal computers. The unique combination of detection methods (heuristic analysis, generic detection, scanning and integrity checking) ensures that your computer receives the maximum protection possible on multiple levels (Resident Shield, Email Scanner plugins, Personal Email Scanner, On-Demand and other tests, etc.).

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