March 29 2010 From your great enemy Canada

Just in time for spring.

These are the noob files, so leave all the feedback you can. This first one was unanimously voted to be featured here by the ABS Forums community, and it's pretty much their site, so here you go.

You may remember from last year, TOFA contestant Nicol3 created some sheepie characters for this site's banner featured on Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. Thor, Clod of Blunders has alerted everyone that her Untooned Spongebob Squarepants has been featured on Cartoon Brew. Good job, Nicol3.

Spongebob Untooned
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I post this every year, but Happy Passover.

Stay tuned for some Mr.Fizzy, and maybe some Tube Tuesdays, except probably not on Tuesday.

March 26 2010 1/2 Update

Ryoshenron is a master of Web series, but since his Ashley Cat he seems to now be experimenting with platform Flash games. Expect a second Fantasy XF in the future.

This game will have people asking you what you are doing in the bathroom so long. I've always been a fan of escape games, and it has been quite some time since one was created for ABS.

Although "escape" is in the title, the following game is yet another pixelated platform game, soon to be in the pixel games section. I think this game does its job in promoting music I otherwise would not socially be allowed to listen to.

Here's a short list of what I think are the best pixel playform games (besides Super Mario Bros., of course).

Mr.Fizzy has also tried his hand at this style successfully with John Jumper and John Jumper 2.

The following is a noob submission from Gareth Watson. Break-Thru Xtreme 2 is just like regular Break-Thru except it spams sends your high score to Twitter. Sorry, Gareth, but you'll need this type of feedback to get where you want to go.

March 24 2010 IOU 1 Update

The last soundtrack featured was the 100% Korean There She Is !! Soundtrack. This one, however, is two thirds Dutch (Dr. Evil is going to be very unhappy) and one third fake-Latin. When you read the lyrics, though, scroll down for the English so-called translation and see how lines like Zippy drives the CD-ROM, slap me 'round Olson clowns, get Kepple to match it, are we allowed to name the elite haxor?, and of course the French erotic film came to be. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you obviously had something better to do than visit this site in 2003.

This was supposed to part of a larger update, but SOMEBODY didn't "have enough time" >:| That somebody is me :(

March 16 2010 Dwayne Gets Lucky St. Sheepie's Day

This year's St. Patrick's Day contest theme is simply "Feelin' Lucky" and any completed animation in the short timespan of two-weeks is pretty impressive. One thing I have noticed is that each entry has at least one character that is extremely angry. First up is Andrew Kepple trying to hide his accent.

If you say you "saw it coming" in SaltyPeach's animation, I just won't believe you.

What's probably going on here is AvidLebon portraying some sad reality into her animation. This idea came to be from her discussion with friends about the type of guys they dated. You'll also notice competing contestants have no problem helping each other out.

In the top two for angriest drunk. Thanks for entering your first contest here, Mr-Scriblam.

Mr.Fizzy completed his entry in the first couple days and watched everyone else panick trying to meet the deadline. Do you know someone like that at school. Although I always wanted to be that someone, I just work too well under pressure for that to ever be me.

The date of the deadline was Thundaboom's birthday (according to the Canadian calaendar). This is supposedly why he didn't finish. Happy Birthday.

Lepy, how could you? I added you to Twitter, man. I *@(%*& added you to Twitter. :(

So there you have it. Comment to give feedback and help decide the winner, not that it matters since it will all depend on luck, of course. Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day from members Andrew Kepple, SaltyPeach, AvidLebon, Mr-Scriblam, Mr.Fizzy, Thundaboom and Lepy. Wear green responsibly.

Dwayne Gets Unlucky

March 15 2010 Beware the Ides of March

The St. Patrick's Day animations should come in nicely and steadily around midnight. In the meantime, I rerun some Pogo for an iPod/iPhone compatible Music Monday and try my hand at being a "film cricket" as Homer Simpson would say.

March 14 2010 Π Day

Today is both Pi day and Einstein's birthday. I can't believe I needed Twitter to remind me.

March 10 2010 Death, Taxes and Spam

Our top story tonight, Chris Voigt leads the day's update yet again.

There are three types of virgins. A. Virgins by choice. B. Virgins by way of poor social skills and C. People who should be in group B, but claim otherwise for reasons of prestige.
- Le Grand Content

R. Wappin has made some small changes to Happy Noodle vs. Sad Noodle making some images that were on the screen for very short periods more prominent. Also, one non-Flash, but ToonBoom school creation titled, Oh, Mr. Woofykins which still contains the classic R. Wappin Flash style much like Apple Story.

Enjoy the There She Is !! soundtrack. Some of these musicians got fame from the Flash series itself, which says quite a bit about the virality of Flash.

Alright, these are the noob files, so they will need all the feedback they can get. Michael Jessen plans to make Sidekick Stan into a series. My thoughts (which I usually don't make public) is that while the dialogue is there, the voice acting needs more realism, but the artwork is unique.

Follow @albinoblack on Twitter to get hints of what I'm working on.

March 3 2010 Pleasure Island 2Leave comments now

The trick, you see, into getting your characters included in an update as clipart is to animate full-body action shots of the characters.

Since you're here to kill time, you should watch it until the end.

Looked like a terrible game at first, but then I played it, and kept playing it, and kept playing it some more.

Due to ABS Forums' feedback, I believe Ross Graham will always have great soundscapes in his animations.

Nobody watch Jay Leno; not even "just to see".

Today is Texas Independence Day, and Jimmy Egeland has a little animation just for that.

An action-packed adventure game by Ben Kling.

Update was getting a bit long, but I got some R. Wappin for next time, plus some noob files. There's a little St. Patrick's Day contest going on in this site, if anyone is interested in animating for it.


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