March 29, 2006 Permission Cookies

If you speak Finnish, please contact us so RedMongoose can update the following flash animation with English subtitles. Wow. That was quick.

Easter egg in the poem:

The plot to this following flash movie was actually written by a 5 year old. Not that a flash movie is supposed to make sense or anything:

Just another reminder to update your Flash Player to play future files properly. Check what version you have. The newest version is 8.

March 20, 2006 Untitled

This next file is a perfect example of how this site, Albino Blacksheep, is supposed to work. In July 2005 Technophobe wrote the Moving Eyes Tutorial for this site's Tutorial section. Then, Niko saw that tutorial and made a game for this site based on the concept he learnt from Technophobe's file.

GuS specializes in drawing cute, big eyed characters. So if you need such a vector logo, head over to the contact page and ask to hire him.

RedMongoose is a new member to this site. Be sure to watch the easter egg (hidden scenes) in order to understand the psychological experiment within this movie:

Now, I'm not forcing you to to see it, but if mindless humour may be your style, the 4th installment of Defender of the Supermart is ready. I just ask you give episode 1 and 2 a chance, and you can give up after that.

Its creator, ryoshenron, has started a new series: Screenshot: Epiode 1.

Will anyone be inspired to make something based on this tutorial?:

I was sleeping on the Via Rail train from Toronto to Ottawa and I hear someone singing, "Here's a llama. There's a llama, and another little llama. Fuzzy llama. Funny llama..." and the shock of it woke me up. I said, "Hey, I know that song and the guy who made it." He turns to the girl beside me and says, "See I'm not crazy!"

P.S. New ABS Member, jonovox, thought a llama song parody would be cute.

P.P.S. Everyone, please update your Flash Player. Check what version you have. The newest version is 8.

March 10, 2006 How am I not myself?

Please, no emails about the proper anatomy of the octopus.

One person at the Mondo Comic Jam at York University remembered ABS for this one Java game posted back in 2001. This is for him. Rotating cookie prize for anyone that beats the Master Slime.

I'm reposting AltF4's Flash submission to satisfy people's requests for Lemon Demon's lyrics and free song download. You people and your crazy iPods.

On November 16, 2005 Leeroy Jenkins was a $1,000 question (in the form on an answer) on College Jeopardy.

March 5, 2006 Don't be irresistible...

Congratulations to polyman586, winner of the Albino Blacksheep Flash Developer contest #10 - Category: Ninjas (No drewmos allowed). There's still plenty of time to apply in ABS Forums for the 11th contest.

The following list is of Flash made by authors that are new to ABS. Some are a little rusty, but they'll improve their skills over time in the Forums.

Kind of reminds me of Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley's Blockhead.

From ryoshenron, creator of the Defender of the Supermart series comes a parody made by himself of his own series (which completely defeats the purpose of fair-use law in regards to parody).

ABS Newbie member critical asks:

Hey guys, was just wondering but how do you let your whole flash "wiggle". Giving you the feeling that they are moving somehow. A "good" example for that effect is the Defender of the Supermart. Do I have to loop two frames or how do I do that?

The good news, critical, is that you don't have to draw everything multiple times. I've made a tutorial to show you a simple way to obtain the wiggle effect:

Here's the flash where the "WRYYYYYY" trend originated:


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