February 28 2007 Digg it

Luke and Jack's game is finally out of beta and now high score (and Wii) enabled.

  • Line Game
    Luke Thompson and Jack Tench
    65 KB

February 27 2007 Get funky like a monkey

Something by a very new Albino Blacksheep member to send to friends.

February 26 2007 Fatman and Lardlad

Tim Jewell of Drawn Dream fame has started his newest series.

If you are still craving more pixelated work, pixelated... bunnies may be for you, not to mention the February 3 update.

February 25 2007 Emo Symphony

GuS was encouragingly accepting emo hate-mail on his emospace until he closed it.

A couple requests to publicize Product Contains Offensive Material.

February 24 2007 Information overload

Now for something serious.

February 22 2007 My robe and wizard hat

An exclusive from sonofgoku1 who has been waiting oh so patiently to be featured.

  • DND
    2,229 KB

February 21 2007 Theasssssss nutsssssssss

Drewmo wants us to know his Einstein 8 has been added to the Jokes with Einstein series.

February 19 2007 Not the double diamond!

February 18 2007 Hanna-Barbera Theatre

Jeffrey took sound bites with offensive language from popular movies like American History X, The Big Lebowski, Full Metal Jacket and more. Then animated a re-enactment with a cast of parodied Hanna-Barbera characters.

February 16 2007 Your Pal Global Warming

February 13 2007 Happy Valentine's 2007

February 11 2007 AAAAAARRRRGHHH!

February 8 2007 2.0

Yet another Hardware Store music video for the Weird Al directory.

February 7 2007 Jetspeed

It's been ready for a week, and I've been keeping it from you. Roboman's Jetspeed only on Albino Blacksheep. Use the arrow keys and spacebar. Be sure to enter your high score.

You may also be interested to play Roboman's previous games.

February 3 2007 Pixel1024

Brett, creator of Musical Lantern and Mayhem in the Skies is giving Albino Blacksheep visitors 1024 pixels of fame. Someone Digg it, please.

February 2 2007 Groundhog Day (and again)

What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today!

Don't forget to find the easter egg in this, and all of Andrew's files.

Sheepie self-awarded winner and flash game developer, styx021, has been banned from ABS Forums so many times, that the Flash Developer regulars decided to make a game depicting what it's like to deal with him - banhammer and all.

  • Whack-A-Styx
    Thor, pianomanDylan, AvidLebon, Corigami, Xela, Thormme
    235 KB

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