February 24, 2006 ...be resistable.

Who knew something like this can be sung by the same person that worked on Incantation?

The Live Design tutorial I wrote last year is getting noticed around the web on thousands of blogs all of a sudden. I'd just like to thank anyone who found it useful or even just a little bit interesting.

February 13-14, 2006 Happy Valentine's 2006

--'-,-:@ As soon as his other creation falls off the page, ZekeySpaceyLizard is back on ABS with his latest creation:

This flash features a cameo by the Sheepie logo, the Yiddish cup, and 100 other geekie favourites you'll spot the second, third time you view it.

I didn't really plan to make a Valentine's update this year due to the lack of member creations on the subject. I also wasn't about to create a flash similar to the one I created last year either. I could always direct everyone to last February 14 that included that one cheesy flash I made or just ignore the subject altogether. There's always this romantic game too. Update: A beginner flash called Mr. Fixit by dangerdude47 and Valentine Card by Shafer.

With the suggestions of the website community, I have put together this list for Firefox users.

Apparently, this website will be featured in a British Horror/Comedy film called Stagknight. Stagknight press release.

Romantical Reruns:

February 6-7, 2006 Buy Danish

Rest assured. No embassies will be blown up over this file.

I'm rerunning Fredryk Phox's video because last time that it was featured not everyone was able to download it.

Another Monkeehub file you might like is Nizlopi - JCB and don't forget to check out the beginner flash MS DOS Game by Shawn McHenry.

One last thing. The band Stabilizer is completely bypassing the traditional record industry and is allowing and asking all ABS visitors to download a copy of their album Stabilizer - A Project Called Red featuring 17 of their songs.


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