Took me long enough

Before I worked in Web Design, I was an Audio Engineer and song writer. This "Lung Capacity" bit was recorded in my studio (when I had one in 2000). SpoOf_m0nKeY was nice enough to let me boss him around in making an animation to go with it. We got into a few conflicts in the creativity process, but the ideas that didn't get included in this animation, will be included in another.

Some topics from the "Knowledge Sharing" section of ABS Forums:

This was a busy week working on some backend stuff for the site. I finally coded the language translations and it is set to allow for additional languages to be added. There is some other backend work I am busy with, but I don't give details about these things until they are ready for the public to see. Just understand that the busiest times on the site appear to be the most lacking.

Prime Ministery

It goes without saying, you cannot post an AltF4 flash without permission. You may or may not have seen this video before, but you should have heard this Lemon Demon song before.


Nathan traveled back in time to make this, but forgot to take contemporary music samples with him.

If you are Canadian, don't forget to vote. I made these buttons. Feel free to save them and post your preferred candidate on your profiles and web pages.

  • [Liberal] Liberal
  • [Conservative] Conservative
  • [NDP] New Democratic Party

Yiddish Cup

I am purposely making this the most immature update with content by ABS' most immature members. This update embarrassingly features loops, remakes and sequels. I hope to update very soon and more often with some more serious work.

There's also part 1 and part 2 of Defender of the Supermart.

Here are two beginner flash files. Give them a chance.

Experimental Films

It's cute, the different fan art of sheepie logos the ABS members put in at the start of these files. [/me hugs the sheepies]

You can't all have new High Definition wide aspect ratio thumbnails. A few more months of practice in Flash MX and these beginner animators just might get one:

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2006. Welcome to Andrew Kepple who is back on ABS for the new year and still animating to Neil's amazing music. I'd also like to welcome a new member, ZekeySpaceyLizard (Nathan), who I promise has more animation to come. He has many different styles of animation up his sleeve and for some reason Andrew Kepple and myself are his influences. Very strange because it's hard to believe Nathan didn't start using Macromedia Flash way before myself with version 1.0 or something. (I started with 4.0). Oh, and welcome CNN viewers. ;)

So what's new for 2006? I know I'll sit myself down and write up some new tutorials. I still get amazing feedback on my old ones and it's time to update them. Maybe some new original image galleries are in the works, maybe not. Don't look at me. More widescreen thumbnails, maybe? Perhaps, even widescreen flash movies with even wider thumbnails? Widescreen flash can be made at 720px X 405px for those curious. Noam's XP skin he's been promising for a year now? Maybe I'll finally get a tablet instead of drawing with a mouse. An Internet war in which I watch from the sidelines? The burst of the Web 2.0 bubble? Owls finally on the main page causing norton to get a heart attack? So many possibilities for 2006.