December 24 2007 Big Holidays Update 2007: Part 2

December 22 2007 Big Holidays Update 2007

One or two more submissions may or may not be added into the update.

December 18 2007 I'm being punished

I wanted to post the old episodes of Nameless, along with the latest, to show the improvement in animation, voice acting and humour with LazyBoy's time and determination.

The 2007 Albino Blacksheep Tournament of Flash Artists is still ongoing with the prizes continuing to rise. Here are the entries from Round 2.

December 11 2007 Playing ketchup

Pong with a twist...

Arg! Those purple ones!

Newbie animator of the day:

December 1 2007 Hockey Sushi

The first in LazyBoy's series. The long load is worth it. The next volume is already being worked on.

By request, here are two immature instructional videos from Japan.


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