Just more Tubes

LazyBoy just sent me this as I was updating today, and I was wondering what he was working on.

All of Cyriak's videos on in the following style, but I also recommend Animation Mix and Moo!

I am pretty sure I promised Songs To Wear Pants To I would post this.

I can't ignore today. Today is the day I remeber the late Tim Jewell. He was a young adult just like many of you. He was a creative and comedy genius with so much potential. I would watch everything of his today in memory, starting with the whole Drawn Dream series.


A few updates back I made reference to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared after Avid Lebon remarked how contestants were unfortunately using green a one of their three colours in Round 2.

I have been waiting to replace my old model.

I've been working on some Web ideas. It's not for ABS, but it is for clients of ABS, and I'm going to keep it limited (as my time is) to a maximum amount of clients, and then must deny people from the project. If you are interested in Albino Blacksheep making a perfect Web site for you, and especially if you are in the Toronto area, feel free to contact me.

For those who don't care about the above, updates on ABS are coming.

Only one word is spoken

Ladies and Gentlemen, the TOFA 2014 final round entries are here for your harsh comments and criticisms. Remember, the animators can only have one spoken word in their entry.