Game day

If Atari were not forced out of business and their games never had to change their style, I believe Surn would be their top game designer today.

You must check out all his games.


Just a little sketch in the style Turbo Assassin is known for.

You'll be getting a game posted soon in this one new file per day plan.

T minus 4

Here's the latest from ThePivotsXXD. If you are looking for his final round TOFA entry, you'll just have to catch it on the Albino Blacksheep TOFA site later this week. The only place to watch it. It will make its way here eventually.

Did I only promise only one file today? Consider that a bonus. What will tomorrow's update bring?

One new file per day

Today's file is the latest Lazy Writing series episode. As dark or not as dark as Desktop Stripper?

Until school begins I will post one new file per day. All part of my evil plan to have you coming back to Albino Blacksheep.

Multiple Endings

The theme for TOFA 2014 Round 3 is, "a story with one beginning, but multiple endings". This included a challenge to have three main characters, with two of opposite personalities. Almost stumped the semi-finalists, but you can see how they managed to pull through.

Personalities and Endings

While Koit was creating his Round 3 animation, he made another on the side with some cameo appearances.