We wait

While we wait for the TOFA 2014 Round 1 submissions to all arive, it's that time of year for Yotam Perel's annual birthday animation. Very personal content. I urge you to start watching from his 18th.

Kiotask goes retro with an issue he notices with Super Mario World.

University of Washington submissions

Students at the University of Washington have created games for Albino Blacksheep. Let's start out with 31 levels in Gravity Shift.

This zombie game builds up to basically design your levels. Turns out you can block zombies from chasing you with interior decorating ideas.

Your whole life has been leading up to this game. It includes Tetris blocks that you love, but you'll be using them in a whole new way.

This starts out as a typical left-right dodging game, but the levels become more creative.


An extremly elaborate parody by Andrew Kepple. Influenced by some Reddit drama.

Even without knowing DayZ, Grant Wooley's DayZ videos are great.