I'll use this new animation by LazyBoy to show why Websites must be made with HTML

I can vouch for this one. Worth watching 'til the end. Even after the credits.

Dozer is brand new to ABS. I need to know. Should he stay? Topical immature animations are his thing.

Valentine's Day is a little early for WooleyWorld. Here's a short animation called The Ballad of Woolard and Fluffina.

Dragon Drop

Blurred limes

Been a couple months since a submission from WooleyWorld. When that happens, it means he is working on a bigger submission.

You may also be interested in DayZ: Rambi.

Dots every day

The latest Yotam & Fantasia episode by LazyBoy.

My Internet is finally back. Seems the whole switching station will be needing upgrades.

Hitchhiking Snowman