Life and Death

I'll start of today with a classic.

The Weird Al-meeting R. Wappin AKA Ryan Krzak presents his latest music video just in time for halloween. Free MP3 too.

In Round 4 of TOFA 2013 these two artists were given the theme of "Life and Death" with a 48-hour timeline to animate. Here's what can be done with Flash in 2 days.

Scroll down for Halloween files.


The series continues, just as promised.

The sequel to DayZ Basically.

Great 3D work from Anthony. This one is clearly for young children, but a good followup to his Dinosaur Alphabet.

New and Classic 2

Brand new from LazyBoy.

New and Classic

Stu-Boy & Piv-Boy is a TOFA-inspired series. Let's hope it gets many episodes. Otherwise it is another Mindy Learns a Moral.

Probably the most polished Mr.Fizzy cartoon yet.

Popular 10 years ago.

I hadn't walked through nostalgia lane in a while, so there are plenty here and plently more to be posted. I recognized Satisfaction in the intro of Don Jon right away.

So sad. So cute.

Neither of these animutations were actually French!

Shynola's video is the influence for rtil's version for the same song.

Ancient Web games.