The Nut Job [2007]

The 10th episode from the Lazy Writing series.

In this Round of TOFA with only four contestants left, the theme was, Different parts making one whole, and the challenge was an homage to a well-known work of art.

I want to repost The Nut Job. It's an animation about squirrels living in the city conspiring the steal nuts from a nut factory. It was created and published on Albino Blacksheep in 2007.

In January 2014, 6 and a half years after Tirrel's The Nut Job, there will be an animated movie released in theatres with a similar plot and the same title. You may have seen the previews in theatres. I'm very disappointed that Gulfstream Pictures would produce such an unoriginal idea.

You need to seek some help

The latest from Yotam Perel. Hot off the presses.

Apples and Honey

How is your attention span today? While only three videos in length, timewise, these should cover you for the day.

Alex Tanana says this is his greatest animation yet. I'm still fond of Dash It!, but I appreciate the complexity in his latest.