October 31 2012 Rainaween

Wooley created and completed this just today for Halloween.

October 30 2012 Not dead

The first creation from Turbo Assassin all 2012.

A new animator, Sen Valeski, will need all the commentary you can provide.

The latest short from molkman.

Now on to what's popular on this site this Hallowe'en.

Don't forget the Flash Pranks section to scare your friends.

Popular 10 years ago.

I was so young in 2002, but I tried to talk someone out of a scam with all my blood and sweat in this chatroom archive. Nobody ever does the math.

October 2 2012 New business cards

It has been the longest time since a main page update. Behind the scenes this site is getting more powerful, but that's no excuse to leave you with nothing new.

Anthony's 3D cow is impressive, but he has big hooves to fill.

TOFA 2012 is still going on at ABS Forums. Here's what two former contestants are up to.

Popular 10 years ago. How times flies. Maybe it is time for some contemporary comments.

I was going to make a post today about the end of the ABS comments system, but luckily, we are continuing the comments with a new platform, hopefully forever. You'll be able to keep track of your comments, comments of your friends, your replies, replies made to you, and more features than there has ever been. You'll also be able to comment using iOS and Android mobile devices.


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