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<AB> hi
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<AB> hi
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<AB> damn
<AB> not enough room
<FuX0reD> hello
<AB> hi fuxored
<FuX0reD> whats up
<AB> what's that?
<AB> spam spam spam lol
<AB> you want promotion?
<FuX0reD> nah
<FuX0reD> its not me
<FuX0reD> its just like, this cool shit i found
<AB> yeah right
<AB> it's a company
<AB> don't even try to trick me
<AB> "its just like, this cool shit i found"
<AB> I'm not a n00b
<AB> we get people promoting themselves in this chat all the time
<AB> at leats be honest about it
<runnin_with_yattas> LAY IT DOWN AB!
<FuX0reD> lmfao
<FuX0reD> dude
<FuX0reD> its not my site
<FuX0reD> its nothing of mine
<runnin_with_yattas> BITCH WHAT!
<AB> Spend $299 "Look at that cool shit!"
<FuX0reD> im just trying to get mmy laptop
<FuX0reD> nope
<FuX0reD> its 25 bucks
<FuX0reD> the laptop
<FuX0reD> nice ass laptop
<AB> but it
* FuX0reD == !n00b
<AB> I hear Sony laptops are the best
<FuX0reD> er well
* FuX0reD != n00b
<FuX0reD> :)
<AB> the second best is Dell I think
<AB> but Sony is the best
<AB> is there any catch to it?
<FuX0reD> did you check it out?
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<AB> hi guest
<AB> looks good
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<AB> so how do I get this laptop?
<AB> 98.1% Guarantee!
<AB> lol
<FuX0reD> lol
<FuX0reD> it takes months
<FuX0reD> see like
<FuX0reD> for ever 70 sign ups
<FuX0reD> the person on top gets the lappy
<AB> It seems like they got the maptop off a truck
<FuX0reD> so the more ppl who sign up
<FuX0reD> the faster you get the lappy
<AB> so you need to get 70 people to join?
<FuX0reD> nah
<FuX0reD> you could just sit back and let others do that
<FuX0reD> but it WOULD go faster if you just liike, let pepole know where its at
<AB> that won't happen on a 1000mb bandwidth site
<AB> that's 6 hours til I'm over my limit
<FuX0reD> lol
<FuX0reD> they own their own servers tho
<AB> and they only givbe you 10mb
<FuX0reD> so like, psh
<FuX0reD> lol
<FuX0reD> ya well
<FuX0reD> for 25 bucks... heh
<AB> bad deal
<AB> $25x12
<AB> and even then you don't get the lappy?
<AB> you need to refer 70 others to pay $25x12 ?
<FuX0reD> lol
<FuX0reD> nah
<FuX0reD> you dont NEED to refer anyone
<FuX0reD> you can let others do it
<FuX0reD> but, for every 70, the person on top gets cycled
<AB> so they make $21,000
<AB> and you get a laptop and useless hosting
<AB> all they need is one sucker
<AB> one sucker to make a living
<runnin_with_yattas> one sucker that can find 70 suckers
<AB> and those 70 people need 70 people each
<AB> or else they won't get the laptop
<runnin_with_yattas> and its a bunch of bullshit
<runnin_with_yattas> no
<runnin_with_yattas> horseshit
<AB> this is a pyramid scheme
<AB> the internet is infected with these scams
<FuX0reD> hrm :-\
<AB> you will not find 70 people
<runnin_with_yattas> now i believe in pampered chef.. that goes by the pyramid scheme..but thats an actual busines...its no get rich quick thing
<AB> if you find 69 people you get nothing
<FuX0reD> dude
<FuX0reD> YOU dont need to refer anyone
<FuX0reD> no one needs to refer anyone
<AB> and they get 20,000
<FuX0reD> like, its not an obligation
<AB> yeah but you don't get anything then
<FuX0reD> its just that, the cycle moves faster for every 70 people, not YOUR 70
<AB> cause the hosting is worth $1
<AB> 70 people pay $300
<AB> and they give out a $1000 laptop each time
<AB> they are making $20,000 for every $1000 they need to spend
<FuX0reD> ya
<AB> bad deal
<FuX0reD> for them yea
<AB> they can even lie how big the lineup is if they want
<AB> what??
<AB> bad deal for anyone who buys this hosting
<AB> yattas, help me out here
<FuX0reD> the hosting is not important lol
<FuX0reD> they dont expect people to use the hosting
<AB> you have spent $300 a year
<AB> it might take you two years
<AB> so let's say you soend $600
<AB> and you get the laptop
<AB> first... you make the company $40,000
<AB> second, you are getting a laptop that is 2 years old
<AB> which will cost you less than you paid for hosting
<FuX0reD> well they use it buy more laptops id assume :-P
<AB> nope
<AB> they will give you the same one they are promoting
<AB> notice how the one they are showing now is only 1.xghz
<FuX0reD> 1.4
<AB> notice how the specs are pretty put of date already
<AB> and this is the one you get
<AB> not an upgraded one
<FuX0reD> ya
<AB> the company makes $40,000 while you LOSE $600
<FuX0reD> Mobile AMD Athlon™ XP processor 1600+ with QuantiSpeed™ architecture* and AMD PowerNow!™ for optimized battery life; 256MB SDRAM for multitasking power, expandable to 512MB
<FuX0reD> *QuantiSpeed architecture operates at 1.4GHz
<AB> don't you wanna be on their side and make the $40,000
<AB> athlon sucks btw
<AB> it's $40,000 vs -$600 and a 2 year old laptop
<AB> how can you say you are getting the better deal?
<FuX0reD> wait, whered you get 300 bucks from?
<AB> you have to sign up for a year
<AB> one year minumum
<AB> read the fine print
<FuX0reD> aha
<FuX0reD> does it say somewhere that its 25 a month?
<AB> and...
<AB> you are forced to promote their company
<AB> you have to have THEIR banner on your site
<AB> 4. It is to be understood that we are not selling a laptop. You will earn a laptop when your matrix is full and only when it is full.
<FuX0reD> no
<FuX0reD> It is not required, but the Program will move faster, and you will earn your laptop quicker.
<AB> 7. You agree that you are not purchasing a laptop, you are purchasing a Web Hosting Package, and that entry into the Program is not a condition of purchasing the package.
<FuX0reD> your matrix being your set of 70 people, after 70 people join for the people above you
<AB> 3. Unfortunately SPAM is a major problem. SPAM cannot be tolerated. If you are found guilty of SPAMMING you will be terminated from the program with no refund. PLEASE don't SPAM.
<FuX0reD> its just the next 70 that join
<FuX0reD> not that you promote to
<AB> they can lie
<AB> you can't prove anything, and they don't ahve to give you a laptop for this to be legal
<AB> where did you find this link?
<FuX0reD> When your're the top member (Position #1) and 70 people join when you are on top, you will get a new Laptop . Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery. We will send you a confimation email with details of shipment
<AB> you are buying hosting but you are getting worthless hosting
<FuX0reD> yea well you get a laptop out of it
<FuX0reD> no matter how long it takes
<runnin_with_yattas> hmmm
<FuX0reD> you get it for 25 bucks
<FuX0reD> lol
<runnin_with_yattas> nananananananannananana
<FuX0reD> rather than the 1000
<runnin_with_yattas> hush hush i thought i heard her callin my name now
<FuX0reD> <@AB> they can lie
<FuX0reD> <@AB> you can't prove anything, and they don't ahve to give you a laptop for this to be legal
<FuX0reD> i didnt read that part
<runnin_with_yattas> i'd say... you get 50 people to give me 25 bucks and i'll give you 100 bucks!
<AB> that's pretty much the deal
<FuX0reD> lol mhm
<AB> they are making tons and you are spending tons
<runnin_with_yattas> seriously...i'll do that
<FuX0reD> i might look up thepeople who are already cycled and ask them if they got their laptop
<AB> how can you look them up?
<runnin_with_yattas> oh yeah...
<FuX0reD> whitepages
* runnin_with_yattas 's webcam si teh up!!
<AB> whitepages?
<runnin_with_yattas> ? lol
<FuX0reD> yes
<AB> how can you know who bought what?
<AB> find me one person now that purchased that hosting
<AB> just one person
<FuX0reD> Kate Anicelli 10/04/02 Cycled
<FuX0reD> Selma Wiggins 10/04/02 Cycled
<FuX0reD> Bill Gerardo 10/04/02 Cycled
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<AB> how do you know they bought it?
<AB> what do you type?
<FuX0reD> thats the list of everyone in the program
<FuX0reD> where's it say you gotta sign up for a year
<AB> so do all these people hjabve laptops?
<FuX0reD> and that its 25 a month
<FuX0reD> no
<FuX0reD> only the people who have 'cycled'
<FuX0reD> next to their names
<AB> only 218 people
<FuX0reD> yep
<AB> of all these people how many got laptops?
<AB> 218/70
<AB> 3 people
<FuX0reD> 290
<AB> 290? there's 218 people
<AB> how can more people get laptops thn there are peopel
<FuX0reD> no no 288
<FuX0reD> till next person :-\
<AB> there are 218 people on the list
<FuX0reD> yea ok
<AB> you think it's every oneth person
<FuX0reD> nah
<AB> it's eevery 70 people = 1 laptop
<FuX0reD> my math is f***ed =\
<AB> only 3 people on this list own a laptop
<FuX0reD> yea
<AB> Kate Anicelli 10/04/02 Cycled
<AB> Selma Wiggins 10/04/02 Cycled
<AB> Bill Gerardo 10/04/02 Cycled
<AB> the rest have nothing!
<FuX0reD> thats a shiiiiitload of people that have to sign up heh
<AB> 215 people are suckers
<AB> while only 3 are getting something
<AB> it's like playing the lottery
<FuX0reD> they rest will get
<FuX0reD> as people join
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<FuX0reD> its not a drawing
<AB> and the later you join, the harder it's gonan be to cycle
<AB> 3 for every 218 right?
<AB> think of it this way
<AB> left and right
<AB> on the left we have 1
<AB> on the right we have 70 people
<AB> on the left we have 2 now
<AB> on the right we have 140 people
<AB> 4 vs 280
<FuX0reD> yea i get it
<AB> 8 vs 560
<AB> the left is people who get the laptop
<AB> the right is people who don't
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<AB> 16 vs 1120
<AB> 32 2240
<FuX0reD> okay i see what you're syaing about the lottery thing =\
<AB> 64 vs. 4480
<AB> so you won't even get a laptop signing up this late
<FuX0reD> basically
<AB> cause only the fiurst 64 people on the list will have onme
<FuX0reD> well eventually you will
<FuX0reD> lol
<AB> while the 4480 people after won't have one
<FuX0reD> like, in um, a few years
<AB> many many years
<AB> so let's get the left side to 219
<FuX0reD> well the company will keep going with the business they make off that
<AB> 128 vs 8960
<FuX0reD> lol
<FuX0reD> dude, im going to sleep
<FuX0reD> :-)
<AB> 256 vs 17920
<AB> okay but listen
<AB> 17,920 most all pay before you get a laptop
<FuX0reD> that is if i signed up today
<FuX0reD> im assuming
<AB> you will be looking at that list every day waiting for it to get to 17,920 people
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<AB> if you sign up later it's even worse
<AB> you think a list at 218 is gonna get to 17,920 people?
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<FuX0reD> well who knows, a shitload of people could sign up one day
<FuX0reD> f***in pessimist
<FuX0reD> :)
<AB> just buy a laptop in a store
<AB> or start your own scam like this
<FuX0reD> lol
<runnin_with_yattas> heh
<FuX0reD> and eventually send people their laptops?
<FuX0reD> f*** them
<AB> in fact I'll start one
<AB> I'll give you 10mb of webspace
<AB> and a laptop!
<FuX0reD> no no, im your co-conspirator
<AB> if 70 others buy 10 mb of webspace from me
<AB> ok?
<AB> I'll get you an even better laptop
<FuX0reD> lmfao
<AB> in fact...
<AB> you only have to have 60 other people sign up
<FuX0reD> 45
<AB> okay 45
<FuX0reD> lmfao
<FuX0reD> i'll be f***ed if i knew 45 people that knew what to do with webspace
<AB> 45 people have to give me $25 a month
<AB> and I'll then give you a laptop
<FuX0reD> wheres it say 25 a month?
<AB> webhosting is always monthly
<AB> it's not for life
<AB> and....
<FuX0reD> well i was thinking it could be annually
<AB> on the site hosting without teh laptop is 9.99 a month
<FuX0reD> yea
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<AB> but if you wanna try to get the laptop the same hosting is $25
<FuX0reD> blergh
<FuX0reD> im goin to sleep
<AB> are you looking for hosting?
<AB> cause I can get you some
<AB> for real
<FuX0reD> if i want, i'll buy from you
<runnin_with_yattas> not from him
<AB> yeah, I'm honest
<AB> not from this laptop scammer
<FuX0reD> bleh, i have hosting, its 20mb free heh
<runnin_with_yattas> not from lappy man
<AB> sell your 20mb to buy a laptop
<AB> ever thought of that?
<runnin_with_yattas> heh
<FuX0reD> it expires next year i believe tho lol
<FuX0reD> came with a domain ;)
<AB> domains are 5 dollars nowdays
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<FuX0reD> yea well
<FuX0reD> i got mine free
<AB> from?
<FuX0reD> eh, matter of fact
<FuX0reD> when i say i got it free
<FuX0reD> i mean i didnt pay for it
<AB> doteasy?
<FuX0reD> nor was it paid for
<FuX0reD> but i got it
<AB> did you get to choose your own domain?
<FuX0reD> yep
<AB> what is it?
<FuX0reD> i use it for nothing other than hosting images/files
<FuX0reD> its no site or anything
<AB> cool a cracks site
<AB> sorta
<AB> you got ftp?
<FuX0reD> sorta
<FuX0reD> yep
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<AB> what kinda bandwidth?
<|insertmuffinhere|> ooooo
<|insertmuffinhere|> weeee
<|insertmuffinhere|> ooooo
<AB> hi insert muffin
<|insertmuffinhere|> weeee
<runnin_with_yattas> gonads and strife...gonads and strife...
<AB> omg weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<FuX0reD> i forget, i just know it hasnt run out
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<FuX0reD> like, in the past
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<|insertnickhere|> woot
<AB> lend me some space eh?
<FuX0reD> but most of my friends view the shit alot
<FuX0reD> depends on how much space i got left
<|insertnickhere|> wwoot +V
<AB> ok
<AB> yeah I only would use a couple megs of space
<|insertnickhere|> too bad its not a +H
<FuX0reD> i probably have like, um, none, the email its regged under has been getting a few emails about it
<FuX0reD> again
<FuX0reD> im going to sleep
<FuX0reD> i shall return laaater
<AB> okay
<AB> have a good night
<AB> btw
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<AB> you seemed to have typed a lot in this chat
<AB> at 5 cents a line that adds up
<FuX0reD> lol
<runnin_with_yattas> 36.50
<AB> well, if you bring 70 others to chat here I'll let you chat for free
<AB> deal?
<FuX0reD> yay :)
<AB> no charge, on the house
<FuX0reD> that would be like, cool n stuff
<AB> :)
<FuX0reD> free chat, woo
<FuX0reD> the kind o stuff mirc was made for :)
<AB> heh
<FuX0reD> i wonder if i get 80 people to download mirc, khalid or whatever would reg my
<AB> you run a cracks site
<FuX0reD> Khaled
<FuX0reD> yea well
<AB> you know how to register mirc
<FuX0reD> :)
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<AB> I guess so
<AB> night
<FuX0reD-Sleep> nite
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<Guest> fg
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