September 11 2012 A day like any other

Another quick update this week.

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    Michael Rianda

New from Yotam Perel's Lazy Writing series.

Kiigen wants to join ABS. Looks like he has potential and I would like your feedback.

Everyone missed Speshil-Sheepy's Revisisted Adventures by Mr.Fizzy due to a technical issue on my part (and not related to the GoDaddy hacking which would not affect ABS). Please leave comments for him.

There used to be a Funny Faces series by SilentWulf on ABS back in the olden days. He tells me he started it up again and is on Funny Faces 7.

September 5 2012 No more white pants

The Me, Myself, and I TOFA semifinalists. Who does it better?

These submissions have been waiting a while.

Maybe you'll perfer the original Speshil Sheepy's Little Adventures.

Rated World's Best Cat Video at the Internet Cat Video Festival. There's also a part 1 and part 3.

Next update. Funny videos.


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