Sophisticus! Lyrics

Oh, once a year when the moon is right
And all the stars are twinkling bright
It's time to show some panache,
With a monocle and a moustache!
So don your hats and ties and suits
And polish up those shiny boots
It's time to show some class,
And take to the streets en masse!
For the Holiday that none shall surpass:

Sophisticus (hurrah!), Sophisticus (hurrah!)
The most soshisticated of days
When we uncork those cabernets
Sophisticus (hurrah!), Sophisticus (hurrah!)
We're all aware that this is the best
Excuse to ditch the missus and extricate yourself and drink to your health with us...
On Sophisticus!

Gentlemen, it's time to be spiffy
So put on some pants it won't take a jiffy
We're worldly and refined!
So leave your mess behind!
The world is ours to contemplate
At the Gentlemen's Club so don't be late!
It's evident we've earned our place
By a monocle on the face
For sophisticated gentlemen are the superior race!

Sophisticus (hurrah!), Sophisticus (hurrah)
The most sophisticated time
For any gentleman in his prime
Sophisticus (hurrah!) let's go fisticuffs (huzzah!)
We travel by aeroplane
Or steam-powered railway train
So get rid of your cares
And put on some airs
Because can you not tell
That we're classy as hell
Because none of you haters are sophisticated as us...
On Sophisticus!