Look who's back


Who else is really happy to learn that Jimmy Egeland gets to make Hiram B Presher (HBP) a recurring character? Watch Check Please first, if you haven't seen him before.

Albino Blacksheep's animutation-regular, Surn, has put his short clips into one animation. I'm fascinated how the style changes from pixelmation to claymation. I'm even more fascinated to learn he's not using Flash like 99% of animators on this site. He uses Sothink SWF Quicker, at around $85 USD.

This is a promotional animation by Jimmy, and I think all companies serious about getting their point across should hire a Flash artist. However, there needs to be more pointing, Jimmy.

Mark Chaffer is new to ABS, but his style of animating to words is a long tradition here.

Don't worry Mr.Fizzy and Jackbliss. Your new animations will be added soon. Follow me on Twitter or Bookface.

From Best to Worst


I've been waiting a while to hear from Professor Fate.

Even happier than R. Wappin's True Happiness, Mr.Fizzy? Only if you're happy getting seizures.

Cab00se's frame-by-frame animation reminds me a little bit of Don Hertzfeldt's 1995 cartoon Ah L'Amour, probably because of the painstakingly frame-by-frame animation style.

Not your best, Mr-Scriblam, but you do have some character development here you may want to expand on.

And now for something completely different.

/b/ear Gunner


Save the little girls from the pedobears in Androgynous' latest Flash creation since Tom Cruise vs. The Internet.

An anonymous representative (that I figured out who he was in two seconds) of The Animutation Portal stopped by Albino Blacksheep to submit their community collaborative effort.

In my opinion, the band's animation doesn't do justice to their original and free MP3, but there's a large segment of ABS that cares more about the presentation of context rather than drawing detail. Just ask any Group X fan.


The remade Audio section was created based on visitor requests, and these first two MP3s have been heavily requested lately.

A lot of submissions are coming through so you can either expect longer or more frequent updates this month. Lenny "karthon" Cryostasis has just joined Albino Blacksheep and submitted his whole back catalog of his gentle, artsy, beautiful animations. Comment on every single one if you can.

If you are naming a baby

Sometimes there are too many parodies that the original joke fades out, so don't feel the need to make it all the way down the list.

This was the fate of My New Haircut with My New Haircut Jewish Edition and My New Haircut Asian Edition.

The Winter break is over and Albino Blacksheep should be back in full swing soon.