Yotam's 18th Birthday

Yotam's 18th Birthday Lyrics

It's my birthday today
But I don't want to Partay
'Cause there are other important things on my mind

It's not the finals result
It's not my body that revolts me
It's just makes me feel a little bit crummy

I'm being drafted to the army

Three years sounds alarming
Not sure what to do
I guess I'll have to see through
Some office job not that thrilling

Well, at least there's no killing
Involved with my service
Yeah, I'm still pretty nervous

It's my birthday today
And I'm not sure what to say
I guess, I guess this thing didn't come out very funny

But I am blaming the army

Cause, I mean, why, why would you, why would you select me to...?
I can't go through the army
Look at me
Look at me
I have the arms of a baby Asian girl
Not even a boy
A girl
A baby girl
Look at...
Look at my hands
Look at them

It's my birthday today
And I don't wanna celebrate
'Cause the army's making my future look bleak
Well, at least I can drink

I don't even like alcohol
I do though
Get me some
So I can deal with the army