Topic 5756: Things You Think About, That probably no one else does by ABS Members


Post some thoughts you have about the world around you that you are almost certain no one else has. This can also bleed into actions, but mostly thoughts.

Every once in a while I'll be doing a mundane task and be thinking to myself how that task could turn into something so awful it scars me for the rest of my life or leaves me dead.

For example, I might just be carrying a knife from, say, the living room to the kitchen (sometimes we dine in the living room) and picture myself dropping it, blade down, straight into my dog's eye leaving him blind and screaming in pain.

One time, when I was younger (this is a lie, this happened kind of recently), I crawled under the bed for fun and suddenly thought of the room catching fire. The room catches fire and is inching towards me but I'm trapped under the bed. I die.

This can be pretty unnerving and when it happens it leaves me shook up for the next minute or two.

Share your thoughts.


You're not the only one, I sometimes do that too.


When I'm shaving my legs, I have the sudden fear of sticking the razor into my mouth and biting down onto it and having it cut into my gums and tongue. It sticks with me the entire time I'm shaving, and it's really intense; the whole time I'm imagining how it would feel sliding between my teeth, and all the blood. Incredibly vivid. Then I finish shaving, put the razor on the shelf, and forget about it until the next time I shave. I'd never actually put it in my mouth, but I'm overcome by the fear of ever doing it.

Doctor Doom

I've always wanted to Molotov my school..always. I go to a really preppy almost private school. And i'm sure people there don't want to do anything of the sort. And I'm not a trenchcoat wearing maniac either. I just think that would be cool. I also fantasize about being in a violent revolution....


One time, when I was really little, I had this thought, that, if you were talking on the phone, and somehow, a bullet went through the phone, like someone on the other end shot a bullet through the phone and into the person's ear. That probably made no sense.

But more recently I was thinking about how, with all the images of death we see, almost everyday, I realized, it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.


I think about everything before I say it, and I plan conversations in my head sometimes...but I never follow them.

I connect things, like if somebody mentions one thing, I think of another, and another and end up at something random which I then talk about.

I make up scenes for movies, or endings...

I plan out several scenerios before I go and do something, a I'm never right..

I'm sure other people do these things sometimes though..I still like to think I'm unique...


A lot of times I picture my life like a movie and that somewhere in another dimension there's a group of people watching my life as it happens. This often times leads to me doing more interesting things to keep the audience interested in the story.

Mostly I just dance naked more often.

The whole thought makes me very self-conscious though.


When I got hit by a car, I had 2 reactions:
1. Wow, I'm alive, it wasn't all that bad.
2. I should get up and shake my fist to the sky and say "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME, DUDE!" I didn't do it, but still. I'm pretty sure nobody thought about that when they got hit by a car.

When I see a kid (5 years old or younger) running, I always imagine him falling to the ground and start crying. It makes me laugh inside.

When I see these little dogs, I sometimes imagine myself kicking them like a soccer ball. I'd never do it for real, but I still laugh inside me. Cartoons and comedy movies had a bad influence on me.


I often draw up a mental picture of wherever I am going that I have never been to before, and eerily I am almost exactly right on most details.

Doctor Doom

Most people wake up before they die in dreams...I always die..mabye it's my fixation towards death......


I have often imagined what would I do if a zombie outbreak happened in my area. Like what would I use to fight them off with and where would I hide from them.

Also, I have often thought about how somethings would look while on fire.


@ Doctor Doom

I'm sure you're not the only person who thinks that. ;)


I speak to myself all the time. Its getting kinda weird. I only do it when im tired and/or drunk.

Also when I'm drunk and I go to bed I wake up and start talking to people and then have no memory of the conversation (yes its that bad that is actually a conversation)

I also think about things like Amputatoes said with the knife except it makes me shiver and feel really freaked.

Also when I'm walking about school or sometimes just out and about I clench my fist cause I keep having fantasies (sort of) of my fighting with people. I've never had a fight so this is where is probably comes from.


@ Bismillah_Mama_Mia!

I do all of those on a regular basis.

I think about elaborate pieces of art (that I would do) whenever I read stories, but I have never actually attempted an idea from a book...


Whenever I'm in class (and I'm being dead serious) I sometimes imagine my teachers giving me head. And not just the hot ones.

The Stone

@ Killbot

Hahaha, I do the same thing. Me and my friends discuss it everynow and then.

Fecal Monster

My school librarian has a big fat deposit under her chin and whenever I see her I want to poke it repeatedly


@ King_Kooper

That's.....I don't even have the word!

Also whenever I'm reading a book I alway imagine the houses of the characters as house of people I already I know.


1.) What the hell would our life be like without fingernails, nigernail clippers or Q-tips (I'm almost OCD about clean ears) or even scissors for cutting hair? And I am a guy, and straight, but that's what I wonder about.

2.) Why the hell do I have dreams about working at my job? They drive me insane. All i do is make shakes...

@ jackel- same here, its weird.

Dutch Gecko

I think about everythign before I say it, and i plan conversations in my head sometimes...but I enver follow them.

I do that way too often. Sometimes I just wait for the right moment to start off this little conversation, but it will never happen.

Also, I have often thought about how somethings would look while on fire.

The answer is nearly always: very cool.