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 XBox 360 Review by AB

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I was very concerned with the design of the new Xbox. From the pictures I was seeing, this thing would be bright white, and not silver like I hoped it would be. I have recently learnt that the Xbox 360, (if that is its new name) will have changable faceplates that may come in a variety of colours and designs. I was also told the console will have a glowing (maybe pulsing) green X light at the top of the box.

Someone only by the name of NoName claims that the picture below was taken by his camera phone confirming the design and colour of the Xbox 360, along with its controller and headset. NoName claims there is a small antenna about 2 inches long that peaks out at the back for the wireless controller connectivity.

Aside from cosmetic features, the rumours for hardware and software are even more numerous. Claims of everything from chip speed to widescreen (16:9) games are being passed around. I do not wish to elaborate of these often conflicting rumours. With less than a day to go, patience is all that's required.

Microsoft unveils the new Xbox console May 12, 2005 9:30pm Easten Time, and in Canada CTV is carrying a report featuring the new Xbox on May 13, 2005 at 12:30am Eastern Time.

May 11, 2005.

[Xbox 360] A few pictures of the XBox 360 have shown up lately. Before April 2005, only hoaxes, artist renderings and Microsoft's own decoy appeared on the web.

The photos that have been released are closeups and sideshots. A little tease at the new design. The rendering below shows what it looks like put together, but there are some obvious differences between the render and the closeup photos.

The date you will begin to see full pictures of the XBox is May 12, 2005. From what is seen so far, the information about it is true. Wireless controllers and optional hard drive. This new system is also much smaller, thinner, and like the PlayStation 2, the XBox 360 can stand vertically.

April 25, 2005.

Here is the old information:

There is very little information at the moment about Xbox 360. Microsoft has yet to make their official announcement. We know Xbox 360 will come with two versions, with and without a detachable Hard Drive, and that both systems will have wireless controllers.

February 26, 2005.