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 Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Suite Review by AB

I am currently using this wireless keyboard and mouse combination to create this article.

I have read many reviews online about this product, and they are all pretty accurate, but are incomplete for someone like myself who has never used a small keyboard or wireless product before.


I am having two problems with this keyboard. One is that it is skipping letters when I type. This has nothing to do with its wireless funtionality, but with the sensitivity of the keys. This seems like a major problem for me, and I believe I must overcome it by changing my typing method in order to use this keyboard on a day-to-day basis. When typing at a normal speed I touch some keys lighty or on the side. These keys only type when pressed down fully and in their centre, slowing down my typing. Since I don't have a laptop, I don't know if this is proper or something specific to this keyboard. I'll try to be optimistic and think of this as a security feature.

The other problem is not really a problem, but some keys are smaller than I am used to like the Enter and Back Space key. The positions of these keys and others are different too, so when I tried to press Enter at first I would press the ' key instead and the + key instead of Back Space. I am pretty sure I will be used to this in a few weeks.

Other than these problems, I love many things about this keyboard. It's small and portable, with no number pad on the right - the main reason I got this keyboard. There is an Fn key to hold down so that other keys act as the number pad just incase.

This keyboard works from across the room and on my lap. Another very positive feature is that typing is fairly quiet. Perfect for using it while on the phone without people thinking you are ignoring them.

I was originally worried about the Navy Blue colour and prefered silver or black, but this blue is close enough to black and the keys are already black.

I should mention that this keyboard uses 4 AAA batteries that come in the box. They need to be replaced in an estimated 4 months. I will update this page when the batteries need replacement.


I can pretty much get used to any mouse size and shape, but others are picky about this. This mouse is angled vertically. The front of the mouse where the buttons are is slightly higher than the back. The mouse is also taller and thinner than most. It is thinner so it can be picked up for the in air pointer motion, and there is gap on the bottom for this purpose as well.

The sensitivity of this mouse is extremely high but unlike the keyboard, this sensitivity can be adjusted in Windows. I am keeping it the way it is because I haven't had problems clicking on anything yet.

As for the in-air or gyro motion, I wouldn't rely on it or use it regularly, but it is a cool feature.

February 27, 2005.