Sheepy by Fuji Television/ROBOT

[Sheepy] Sheepy is old software from 1996 and based on a Japanese television character. It originally cost 2,560 Yen over mail and 3,200 Yen in retail, but has been modified and distributed in English for free by computer students all over the web.

[Wanted! Do you know me? I'm NOT a FREE!] In 2000 the Japanese company made their last attempt to sell their product over mail. The failure of this may have had something to do with the overseas shipping rate and use of Japanese currency. Including long distance Fax order forms, which are absolutely a security risk.

This is a "screen mate" that runs around your Windows desktop doing a number of cool and unexpected things. This will make your computer experience a little less boring because you will be entertained by this virtual pet.

Depending on your processor speed you can run multiple copies to maximize the fun.