Jammer by Agnitum

[Jammer] Jammer offers protection against NetBus and Back Orifice--the two most well-known cracker tools on the Internet. It uses low-level network driver access and captures all incoming and outgoing Internet or intranet traffic. This real-time packet analyzer decrypts all network traffic and finds anyone trying to log on to your computer. Jammer detects and removes these intrusions, and punishes the hacker by sending a warning e-mail to their system administrator. The program can also detect TCP scanning and can scan for most Trojans, the ICQ Personal Web Server security hole, NetBios, Legion, and Ogre. This version includes features to help detect Back Orifice 2000.

Note: This 30-day trial will not remove Trojans from your system. The registered version of this software offers 30-day support, a comprehensive help/tutorial file, and increased reliability.

This review thanks to Jardin.