Ares by Ares Development Group / Seekar Ltd

[Ares] Ares is a full file sharing program without any adware. I did a full system scan with Ad-Aware just to be sure that there were no pests inside this program.

I noticed the user base in Ares was relatively larger with Ares than with Soulseek, another P2P program without pests. I was able to find dozens of copies of a particular song that I couldn't get at all with Soulseek.

The features in Ares are better as well. You can search for different file types, like audio, video, documents and software. There is a built in media player with a video screen if need, and a familiar user interface that resembles a cross between Windows Search and Kazaa Media Desktop.

To get started, all you have to do is go to "Search" at the top, and the rest is straight forward. You won't even be asked to register a user name until later.

Update: December 15, 2004.

It seems a lot of people are coming here to download Ares Ultra or Ares Galaxy since the official Ares site is down. I will try to keep a working link to ares.exe available.