Matzah! by Smooth-E

Lyrics and Music: Smooth-E


Matzah! Lyrics

I feel like a freak.
Cuz every time I pull out something to eat,
For this week
I can't do this
Cuz I'm Jewish and
I can't eat bread
Yeah, my rabbi said only

Any way you want to eat it cold or hot, it's
Fun for your mother, brother, sister, father
Buy it in bulk, for a lower cost per box, it's

Ccchanukkah? No, that's over
So, yo, don't get passed over
Get your ass over to my pad it's Passover
I'm the mad flow-er Smooth-E teamin' and I hope you understand it
If you want the story of Passover, rent "The 10 Commandments"
Starring Charlton Heston, but I got a question
'Bout the bread that is unleavened causin' indigestion called

Eat it for a week, we gotsta
No bread, no pasta, best believe a Jew is stopped up!

Now, Moses made the matzah when he was fleeing Egypt
Had no time for bread to rise, he said,
"Ah just leave it We can eat it like this, feed it to the Hebrews"
But little did he know that the wait would end up equal, cuz
"Let my People Go" became the anthem
Get ya damn hands up, maybe it will help you pass some
How could one bread rock it so famous?
When the taste is the same flava of the box it came in?

Eat it at once, ain't no second guessin'
Leavin' crumbs all over my chest 'n it's called
I found the afikomen in my small intestine

Now, if you never had matzah, maybe you should try it
Be careful protein junkies, don't mess up your Atkins diet
People laugh when my sandwich cracks, it ain't never quiet
The best place to enjoy Matzah is in private
You eatin' tuna on matzah, no way you're looking cool
It's been three days since I dropped the kids off at Hebrew school
I like my matzah sweet with butter and jam on it
But, please, out of respect, just don't put ham on it
Don't be scurred of the Matzah, nothing could be safer
Just think of it as a super-size communion wafer
We'll trade ya matzah for candy this Easter
Wait - for some reason, we can't have corn sweetener either
So, go ahead and eat it, whether Jewish or secular
And if you need it, Smooth-E will keep you regular
Cuz ya never heard a Jew like this I surprised ya
The bread might be flat, but this song is a riser

When I munch, I love the crunch of
I love it a bunch wash it down with punch
What's for lunch? I got a hunch it's

That was brilliant, son
Hip-hop's William Hung
Log me on
"Oy" is "Yo" Backwards!