October 27, 2005 Hallowe'en

This is, of course, the mandatory Hallowe'en update. Will never be as great as it was in 2002.

[comicXcore's Pumpkin]

Finally, some Hallowe'en literature. I believe this is appropriate for Hallowe'en due to the nature of the subject. Why some of the members were able to share this in the Forums with everyone is beyond me, but it seems to be a sort of therapy. I cannot post the whole thing since the topic eventually becomes too graphic.

Important note: For those who have tried to email me, I have not gotten any of your emails or submissions through my @yahoo.ca address for almost a week. I will be getting a new email address soon to fix the issue.

October 19, 2005 Learn, Rinse, Repeat


October 14, 2005 Awesomesause

This shouldn't have taken as long to put together as it did. I'll have flash for you later.

Tishri, 5766 Right behind you

A song about bees accompanied by David's animation expertise. Maybe you will memorize it against your will. Just a quickie for now.

October 1, 2005 Flash Developer Contest #8

As promised, some of the Flash Developer Contest #8 contestants:

KyleMKP has sweetened this contest's prize pot for a true developer by donating the flash books Flash MX 2004: Beyond the Basics by Shane Rebenscheid, Flash Hacks by Sham Bhangal and another book of the winner's choice.

So who gets all the goodies? Adonis has won, but there was some controversy from a few members and other participants. See, the rules for the 8th contest was to create any music video over 30 seconds, and voting will judge drawing and animation skills. Adonis qualifies, but it bothered some that he chose to use a song that's already been animated on this site before. (The mouse-horse-human mutant girl in Rapture bothered me more, but that's another issue.) As well, there were problems agreeing on a due date, so many submissions were unfinished. Adonis' included. Flash Developer #9 won't mess around with the due date. It's starting soon.


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