November 28 2006 Animation Mix

Here's a fine example of how to bring animutation back.

New Hotness / Old and Busted. It's a movie reference.


November 23 2006 Gobble

After R. Wappin's 11 minute Weird Al - Albuquerque animation, it's nice to see him animate a Lemon Demon quickie.

November 23 2006 Surprise this weekend

I think Sean Gordon may have topped his Zelda on Ukulele performance.

November 22 2006 Happy Thanksgiving (US)

Been a while since one of you created a Badgers parody, but here's one for Thanksgiving.

The artist, Creacha Feacha, created both the music and the animation. I look forward to more submissions from him.

November 19 2006 Where's me update?

Every animation by our member LazyBoy has been offensive to some angry e-mail writers so far, so why would his newest be any different?

You've seen animated skits and music videos, but rarely is a stand-up comedy act animated. Dane Cook is a stand-up comedian that uses the abilities of the Internet to promote his humour, as the following will represent.

Why are updates less frequent? It's true that I am a bit behind in posting your creations, but I'm all-nighting on some major and minor work to this Web site in order to make it much better for the new year. Bear with me, and keep sending in your creations as usual.

November 9 2006 Ouch Burn!

Roboman's older submission had some bugs, but he has worked them all out, and now it's ready for Albino Blacksheep.

My cameo voice appearance does not appear in Drawn Dream 9, but I have one line in another one, and I may again. Watch from the start. Also, Tim Jewell has something to say about the series.

Jackbliss, creator of Mario - Back to the Start, describes his latest:

Doesn't hurt to bring out the Borat Soundboard again. Does anyone remember Sasha Baron Cohen's Super Greg from the late '90s? Early Borat?

Currently coding 2 new sections and 4 more features into this site. I'm falling behind in emails, PMs and sleep in order to get these things complete.

November 6 2006 Albuquerque

The new Weird Al flash premieres today! Probably the largest filesize so far, but worth the wait.

This was animated by our member, R. Wappin, and features music by Weird Al, or his white and nerdy name, Alfred Yankovic.

November 2 2006 Damn you Streblo!

I'd like to welcome a new member to Albino Blacksheep, Roboman. His game here involves you shooting at bugs - the most effective way to deal with bugs. Every few levels you will get a new tool to shoot at them with. Expect to see another flash game of his here very, very soon.

Jokes with Einstein 7 is ready!!!!!!1111two

Be sure to watch the last couple clips, Jokes with Einstein 5, Einstein 6 or just the whole Jokes with Einstein series from the start before getting into the metaphysics of 7.

I've decided to make a directory to house the Albino Blacksheep Forums Rube Goldberg contest from the summer, and any new flash movies related to Rube Goldberg machines.

There were some Halloween files created after the Halloween update. I'll hopefully remember them for next year. In the next update I hope to have time to address small new changes to this site, the new Web Browsers, and how they are related.


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