December 27 2008 Belated Xmas '08

December 24 2008 Xmas Update 2008

I'm working on a new design as part of the site reorganization. Should be ready for the New Year in January 2009.

December 21 2008 Inversecoma extravaganza

Submit your high scores and make your country proud. We can't let those Kenyans win every Flash game.

That's the last of inversecoma's newest games, but I know he's brewing something good for ABS through the Flash Games contest.

Edit: Ball Click Mayfest isn't loading correctly, so it will be updated in a few days as well as some small fixes to the files above.

December 16 2008 Ready to be peeled

You are already familiar with Parry Gripp's catchy music through Nathan Mazur's animations.

December 15 2008 Decide

Well, goddamn. Ryoshen'on's gone an' made another.

Episodes 12 and 13 are new, and episode 13 features a new original song by narutofan56 at the credits.

First real submission from thecox since last summer's TOFA 2008.

Should the next update feature games or videos? I'll update again this week.

December 11 2008 Click, Click, move

After some bug fixing, inversecoma is back with high-score enabled Star Stalker.

Two new sequels to the sequel of Click Fest.

In the latest and best Click Fest, there are many places you can not click for a little more challenge.

Did you know you can play these games on your Wii? More inversecoma games to come this week/month.

December 4 2008 Wipe Out 2

Just placed five more games into the Pixel Flash Games section.

If you need new content every minute rather than every day, I suggest you get addicted to ABS Forums.

[blue bird]

December 2 2008 Wipe Out

My computer got a really nasty virus and eventually became unusable and unbackupable (although the ABS archives are always backed up externally). I'll look at this positively.

I keep a pretty messy desktop. I have a new submission from an ABS member. I save it to the desktop. I see a Web page I need to visit later. I save a shortcut to the desktop. I need to remember some contact info. I save it to the desktop. On top of this, my inbox is a mess of promotional spam and dozens of daily mass-sent corporate game submission requests (If they aren't going to read the submission rules on ABS, I can't check out their game). Then there's the hassle of real life...

So now everything has been wiped from the computer, and I am starting new. This is the perfect opportunity to get organized in every area, including especially this Web site. (My digital music collection was more organized than ABS, which is a shame).

Many years ago I started seperating the Flash files into categories - Music videos, Animutations, Stick Figure, and so on. These sections are missing the latest files, but I will get around to it. Then I started adding directories for very active members who submit a lot of files. Everything they made listed on one page is perfect for fans of their specific work. The more files, the more sections this site needs.

Behind the face of the site, I am adding much needed meta data to the files' pages. There's also a secret list of the top rated and popular files if you ask me nicely.

What I am trying to say is, "boss me around". I need to get cracking fixing up this site. Last year I wasted months into creating the world-wide Weather section. It turned out great, but lost focus on the animations and games. I'm also not oblivious to the requests on ABS Forums for ABS to get into other areas of Multimedia besides games and animation. Also, the Download section is out of date, and I'm a big fan of collecting freeware I'll never use, but download anyways.

I'd like to give you new files to check out daily. That's my goal. Original submissions are a little slow lately due to exams, so I've been posting some reruns mixed in with the new stuff, but there's no complaints about that yet. I'll leave you today with the 3D Game directory from August and a new Pixel Games directory I put together today, that I will ideally expand all week. Although these directories are by no means complete, they are a start.


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