Happy New Year!

Not be confused with this classic Where's Waldo "game".

This favourite game of mine is in constant refinement, and Surn sent me the latest (but won't be the last) version today.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll see some fan-made playthroughs of some ABS games. I always appreciate those. Tweet me if you make one. Next week we are releasing a psychedelic video on our not-very-publicized YouTube.

What I usually post on New Years Eve is JibJab's Year in Review, but they did not and will not make one for 2015. You can see last year's and before on the JibJab page.

I am considering posting more about my side projects in Web Developement here on Albino Blacksheep in the New Year. I'd like some feedback on if that distracts from the focus on animation and game design.


If you couldn't handle Lee Hardcastle's Frozen claymation posted last month, you can't handle this one.

It's time. See how well Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson predicted 2015 a decade ago.

This applies to any Star Wars release.

New Turbo

Lost Kiotask