Usually not predictable.


If that file on top is real, then the one below is fake:

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[18:16] * John_Fakelastname 's last name is "fakelastname" which makes it hard for him to apply for anything

Be sure to watch Drum Machine if you have the connection to do so, and I hope you have stereo speakers.

Just like you to visit on Thursday.


I'd like to point you to this remix of Howard Dean's speech after winning only 18% of the vote in Iowa:

As fellow Webmasters may know, I'm a contributor to the Buttons project (The new 80x15 kind). Here are some you can display on your webpage to show which United States Candidate you support.

  • [Bush 2004]
  • [Kerry 2004]
  • [Edwards 2004]
  • [Lieberman 2004]
  • [Clark 2004]
  • [Dean 2004]

Why not an ABS button while you are at it? If I see enough of these maybe I can run for Prime Minister of America.

  • [ABS]

norton: Posted Jan 15 2004, 10:57 AM:
[ed. Sners - Originally this was one big run-on sentence.]

Out of pure boredom, and yet again the influence outside forces, here I am sending a PM to you for my usual reason of none at all. So right, with no real reason you would think it's sort of going to end here. Well, it's not, and why? Why indeed... erm.. Well, I'm in love... Yes, that's right. Love. Unexpected for me really considering the pointless age I've managed to drag myself to, but there you go... the target of my affection? Well, it's like this:

There I was, walking quietly around the park, swinging the lead, as I'm known to do on nothing days as this was. Anyway, there's this swing that as a girl I would frolic under as the big boys swung overhead... Anyway, I digress. There she was, swinging on this swing... I say swinging - it was more a drag as her arms being a full 6 metres long were scraping on the floor. Anyway (again), I walked over and asked if she wanted a push. She grunted what I assumed was a yes and gave her an almighty push... "Weeeeeeee", she screamed, as her body, and indeed all of her left the swing and landed in an ice-cream van killing both her and Mario the ice-cream man (who I later found out changed his name from Kevin in 1984 in homage to Donkey Kong).. An ambulance arrived and out walked the sexiest nurse I've ever seen. No wooden legs, no disabilities of any kind as I no longer class no arms as a disability... Anyway (yet again), she looked over at me and smiled her toothless smile and I smiled back... So, I'm dancing on air... albeit in prison, but I'm dancing... and when i get out she's mine, Oh yes... she said she would wait for me... Young love. Oh yes.

Look but don't touch.

It's Eeeeevil. I waited about two days to post it since it was posted by the author in the ABS Forums (who is pretty famous in flash culture), but I could have kept it locked in a vault.

Do as I say...

[Happy New Year! from Drooling Baby] Happy New Year! By the end of this year that baby to your left will be an old man. I'm not helping much by waiting so long to update.

I'll start with some games:

Best Scripts of 2003:

And since it's 2004, it won't be long until we find if these turn out to be true:

John Titor was already right about Mad Cow and the war in the Middle East in 2000. Reading his posts may creep you out.

Its been almost 2 weeks since the last update. Where is the new one!!!???
I dont mean to be rude or nothing, but...WHERE IS THE f***ING NEW UPDATE!!??

Thank you for your attention, Love.