Chumby Industries and Albino Blacksheep Team Up to Combine Motion Sensors and Casual Gaming

Partnership Will Provide a Unique New Platform for Casual Games Using the Chumby's Motion-Sensing Accelerometer

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pick up your chumby and play casual games-now with the same "motion gaming" capabilities as your favorite console. Chumby Industries announced today it is partnering with Albino Blacksheep to provide some of the multimedia aggregator's most popular games for use on the chumby® internet device.

Working in conjunction with Canadian-based Albino Blacksheep and UK-based game developers Everybody Panic!, Chumby Industries now offers some of Albino Blacksheep's most popular titles on a fun new platform and a new way to play casual games. Gamers can now play Bounce, Tumbler, Missile 3D, the Line Game and Chameleon using the chumby's internal accelerometer and touchscreen as the game controls. Instead of using a keyboard and mouse on a computer, users can simply pick up their chumbys to start the gaming experience. By just rotating or shaking their chumbys, users can navigate through tunnels, chase a ball, and even direct missiles.

"Now we can merge the convenience of casual gaming and intuitive motion to provide a unique gaming experience on a device right on your desk, coffee table, or night stand," said Stephen Tomlin, CEO and founder, Chumby Industries. "This new slate of Albino Blacksheep games is a fantastic addition to the already-existing 40+ games available on the Chumby Network."

"With the chumby, users gain a new experience from the games they already enjoy online," said Steven Lerner, founder of Albino Blacksheep. "Once the games are on the chumby, they become more intuitive and natural to play than they were in their original mouse and keyboard form. Rather than playing with buttons, you play the actual game."

Chumby is also launching a new animation widget to its network of over 500 widgets. This widget will allow chumby users to view and access a dynamic list of Flash animation classics from

About Chumby Industries

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Chumby Industries makes, sells, and licenses the chumby, a compact device that connects via a wireless Internet connection and gives people a fun, hassle-free way to enjoy what they want most out of the Internet, always on and simply at a glance. Chumby Industries also runs the Chumby Network, a rapidly expanding open pipeline of user created and commercial widget applications from high-profile media partners such as CBS, MTV Networks, MySpace, The Weather Channel Interactive, AOL's SHOUTcast and Scripps Networks among many more. Offering the latest news, weather and entertainment as well as the ability to share photos, widgets, e-cards and more with family and friends, Chumby Industries provides an open platform, enabling the chumby to be constantly updated by any user, developer, media company or content creator to enhance and improve the Chumby experience.

About Albino Blacksheep

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Albino Blacksheep has spent the last eight years building one of the most closeknit and reputable multimedia artist communities online. Specializing in Flash animation and online Flash gaming, is the original home and key promoter for many of the Web's most popular animations and games. As well, serves as a community and resource base for the talented animators and game developers behind them.


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