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New Coke

You asked for it. We delivered.

Hundreds of people over the years have told me they missed the old (oldest) design, and wished they could go back to it.

It's only on the first page for now, but soon there will be bouncing sheep JavaScript and a comments box. Not to mention animated GIFs, JavaScripts, Webrings, a counter, no thumbnails, JavaScripts, a guestbook, ICQ Chat, 11px Arial font, and everything you loved about Albino Blacksheep over 10 years ago, including JavaScripts.

ABS Chat moderator, rmuser (who is now a girl), is helping me with a script (hopefully of the coffee variety) that mimics loading video files over a 56 Kb/s dail-up modem. It will be just how you remembered.

Last year I worked really hard to make the current design skinnable and mobile. Everything worked flawlessly all year long on the latest iPhones and iPads. But that's not what the people wanted. They wanted the old Albino Blacksheep - in glorious 16-bit colour on their 4:3 CRT monitors. None of this new touchscreen tablet sh*t that I wasted so much time with.

I'm really not supposed to tell you, but I've even been in talks with Threebrain, Group X, and Brian Kendall about getting more Macromedia Flash 4 Pirated Edition animations for the site. We're going back to the good stuff, like stick figures.

To those relatively new to this site. I'm sorry - you wouldn't understand. Here are some skins of the 2013 design that could have been. If only.

Alternate design 1 Alternate design 2

As we enter the Spring of 2014, we'll act like it's 2004. We can all pretend to be 10 years younger, back in school with our old friends, laughing at extremely funny words like llama and badger. *Sigh*.