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Step 2: Typography

There's only one thing to do in this step, and that is to choose a good font to make the site an easy read.

You can choose different fonts for different parts, such as a font for headers and another font for paragraphs.

Keep in mind that only some fonts are installed on other people's computers. In your CSS, you can specify backup fonts and a generic font.

body {
font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

Verdana is a great font on Windows, but not all Macs have it. Arial font looks similar to it, so that will be the backup on those Macs. Sans-Serif is the final backup that will choose the computer's default font without serifs.

Serifs are those little loops at the tips of letters, like on Times New Roman. Since Verdana and Arial are both sans-serif fonts, I choose that as the generic font.

[Serif vs. Sans-Serif font]