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Nobody wants to download RealPlayer unless they have to in order to view RealMedia files. However, Gabest created an alternative program to play RealMedia files called Real Alternative.

Before I found out about this program, I was certain the only way to play Real files types was through RealNetworks' official commercial media player called RealPlayer. As I discuss in the RealPlayer review, it is heavy and bloated software with many ads and sponsors, especially the free version. Real Alterative, in contrast, is light-weight and created in response to user distaste with RealPlayer.

Real Alternative installs Media Player Classic that emulates the look and feel or Windows Media Player 6, an extremely simple and fast player. The main difference is that this emulated version also plays RealMedia file types.

There are no ads and no additional bloat in Real Alternative. It is both a browser plugin and a media player for the Real file types.

There's nothing wrong with this program, but I don't see why someone would use it unless they needed it for Real media types. You may want to download this now or remember this page for later for that one day you come to a website that still uses the Real media formats.