Image Distort on Opacity Anchors

This bug affects Safari.

When hovering over a floated transparent image that is also part of a text link on this site, the image continually distorts, hides and reappears as the pointer moves over the image.

I am both very slow to discover and to fix this bug since I rarely have a Macintosh to test on. I first discoverd the bug in the Apple Store at Yorkdale Mall when testing to see if my old bug, the line height non-clearing issue, had been fixed. It was, but sadly I found new bugs to deal with.

The reason for this bug can be one of many things since a combination of code is applied to these thumbnail links that exhibit the problem. I hope to eventually solve this bug by deduction, so possible causes for this bug can be:

  • KHTML CSS Opacity.
  • CSS Opacity.
  • The image float.
  • The DHTML in the anchor for opening a new window.

This bug is related to another bug I also discovered at the Apple Store.

Bug Fix

The bug is not fixed at this time.