Two Million Page Views

Two Million Page Views Lyrics

We finally made it
2,000,000 pageviews
All thanks to you
I didn't even have to post nudes

So thank you for giving me pageviews
Even the people who keep asking what program I use (it's f*cking Flash, come on. Think)

And also the furries,
I would like to thank you too
Your fox fixation is frightning
But I find it cute

So thank you for giving me pageviews
And not try to make me one of you (you guys are weird)

And I noticed I still don't have more pageviews than some
Like Kris and Kite and Vap and Frost and Pyro even Teruchan
And it's true I'm very angry I'm still holding a grudge
That's why I can't give you my sincere appreciation and love

And no I'm not like I hoped I would be
Maybe I need a few more years
I'll complete my mission so you don't have to point out
That I'm not muscly and I don't have a rainbow

You make me sad.